Just like Squidoo, HubPages is a well-established content site that is favoured by Google. Aside from high quality inbound links, HubPages offers many opportunities such as targeted traffic, reliable advertising, affiliate marketing plus the “hubs” or the content you published can also influence the overall page rank of your website.


Here are a couple of tips to make sure your hubs are of good quality and at the same time SEO-friendly:

1. Pick a topic that will support your keywords. Let’s say you’re optimizing the keyword “music for children”. You can create a hub about: Benefits of Music Lessons for Children, How to Encourage Your Children to Embrace Music…


A content-rich hub stands a good chance of achieving high HubPages score and can pull in an audience. As for the word count, make your content long enough to be informative and entertaining. I prefer my hubs to have 450 words or more.


Tip: “How To” topics are always hot topics.


2. Keyword rich URL. After you specify your title and what your hub is all about, you will be asked to create a hub url. Make sure you include your keywords within the url in a tasteful manner.




3. Create a summary. The first 140-170 characters may appear in search results so take advantage of this space and mention your most important keyword/s within the summary.


4. Use at least 3 content capsules per hub. I normally use Text, Video, Links, Photo, Poll capsule to make my hub meaty and will encourage interaction. The more content-rich your hub is, the higher is the chance of getting a “featured status”. Featured Hubs appear in search engine listings.


5. Participate. Let other hubbers feel your presence in the community by dropping genuine on-topic comments on forums, hub polls, comment sections and Q&As. When you “follow” other hubbers and become fans of popular hubbers, it can increase page views and readership to your hubs as well.


On HubPages, links can be either “DoFollow” or “NoFollow”.

A “DoFollow” link attribute instructs search engine robots to follow the link and thus it carries link juice.  A “NoFollow” link attribute is the exact opposite. NoFollow links don’t pass on link juice and Google disregards these links in counting the number of backlinks pointing towards your website.


How To Achieve “DoFollow” links on HubPages?

  • Your individual hubs must score above 40.
  • Your overall HubRank (account rank) must score 75 or higher.


This should be easy if you take time participating and contributing quality content.


I hope you find this HubPages guide useful. I have put together the best practices based on my own experience. Should you have additional tips, feel free to share them on the comment section.


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