5 Things SEO Tools Can’t Tell You

In any type of business, using several tools always helps people perform their tasks effectively and efficiently. Business tools refer to all the applications, calculating solutions, systems, methodologies, controls, etc. utilised by an organisation to ensure a competitive position in the market, adapt with changes, and improve overall business performance. The world of digital marketing is not an exception, particularly when using search engine Optimization techniques.



Why Do You Need An SEO Tool?

Tools are heavily used and relied upon by every SEO outsourcing company. This is because they play an important role when coming up with effective SEO techniques for websites. When the right tool is used, it can effectively help improve a website’s online presence and rankings on the search engine results page.


Furthermore, using the right tools can save a lot of valuable time when researching and identifying keywords that rank high – these keywords are used to create quality content.


In addition, here are other reasons why SEO tools are essential to businesses and SEO services in Singapore:


  • They help automate certain SEO processes and break down big tasks into smaller and more manageable ones.
  • Using tools enables companies to provide services that would otherwise necessitate various manual work.
  • They eliminate repetitive tasks that are tedious, boring, and demotivating which usually causes human errors. There are numerous SEO tasks like this. For example: identifying broken links and manually checking search engine results pages under VPN connection. A site audit using an SEO tool can provide you accurate data on this and save you a lot of time and effort.
  • These tools can indicate how effective SEO techniques are. Aside from this, they can also demonstrate how rankings are moving in the SERPs.
  • Performing competitive research is an effective way of coming up with new strategic ideas for a business. Several SEO tools allow businesses to take a sneak peek into their competitors’ backyard. As a result, valuable insights regarding traffic, keywords, and backlinks are gained.
  • Automated reports that can be scheduled to be sent to clients is another advantage that businesses can get from SEO tools.



What SEO Tools Are Commonly Used?

There are dozens of tools for SEO in Singapore that are available online which you can either buy or use for free. However, here are some of the ones that are widely used nowadays:


1. Google Search Console

One of the SEO tools that you can use for free, it allows you to monitor and report a website’s performance on the search engine results page. Aside from this, it can help users understand how users view a website and enable webmasters to optimise for enhanced performance on Google search results.


2. Moz

This tool is a favorite among experts because it’s a full-service powerhouse. You can get helpful insights on how a website is performing and how to further improve it. Furthermore, it enables you to view your metrics while browsing any other page.


3. Google Analytics

If you are in the e-commerce business, this tool would be very helpful as it helps you obtain and analyse in-depth statistics regarding your target customers are, what they like, and how they interact with your online store.


4. SEMRush

In the marketing SEO community, this is one of the tools that experts love to use because it allows for easy access to rankings and any changes to them. One of its popular features is the Domain vs Domain analysis which enables you to compare your website to your competitors.


5. Ahrefs

This tool comes second to Google in being the biggest website crawler and is one of the most recommended SEO tools online. It’s site audit feature, which highlights the parts of your site that require improvement, is the best SEO analysis tool around.



What Are The Things An Seo Tool Tell You?

There are various insights and useful information that you can acquire from utilising SEO tools that help improve your business. However, it can’t provide everything you need to know. Here are some of the important things that SEO tools can tell you:


1. Your Future Goals

We often rely on our interpretation of data and the use of various tools to set goals with clients and stakeholders. However, no matter how much data SEO tools can tell us, real goals like impressions, traffic, and conversions with numbers won’t be any good.


2. Number Of Leads Or Sales

When coming up with projections, getting an exact and accurate number is impossible. Using a tool to perform keyword research, then using benchmark data to project impressions, conversions, and traffic, it is just layering estimates on top of estimates.


3. Best Content Strategy

Content is SEO fuel and every expert knows its value in the whole process. Nevertheless, we can never get exact answers regarding what content works for a company even with SEO tools. We can gather various insights, but the strategy will ultimately depend on us.


4. SEO Business Case

Another information that we can’t get from SEO tools is whether leads come directly from stakeholders or manual feedback.


5. What The Future Holds

The biggest constant in SEO is change – especially in ranking factors and Google algorithm and SEO tools won’t be able to detect these. That is why a business needs people to consistently do updates on.


SEO tools have proven to be very useful for experts. Nevertheless, they are not smart enough (yet) to help us in some aspects of the business that are undoubtedly essential. However, having an experienced and reliable agency that has a good grasp on search engine optimization in Singapore can utilise these tools to optimum performance and help you achieve your business goals.