More people are using the Internet these days, which makes it even more necessary to design your website and devise an excellent layout. In doing so, you can give people a great first impression of your website!


Also, an excellent web design strategy will affect your search engine optimisation (SEO) rankings since it involves modifying the interface, speed, and performance of your website to provide a user-friendly experience.


In short, web design is key to engaging with your customers. Not to mention, it can help you raise brand awareness, allowing you to reach your target audience and improve your online presence.


However, one question remains: which web design trend should you incorporate for your website? Nowadays, there are countless styles that you could go for, but choosing the right one is essential in building a reputable brand image.


Our blog already tackled a discussion about web design trends this 2020. However, for today’s blog post, we will talk about the elements of modern web design that you should consider for your website.


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By knowing the essentials of modern web design, you can come up with a unique style that will help you develop a recognisable brand identity. So, without further ado, here are the essential elements of modern web design!



6 Essential Elements of Modern Web Design


1. Stylish Typography

For decades, companies have been using unique typefaces or fonts to stylise their brand names and stand out against their competitors. It is an effective way to help your customers recognise your brand and differentiate it from others.


Nowadays, most companies use the same technique, especially when it comes to web design. The good news is, you can do the same for your website by creating a stylish typeface of your own. Doing so will allow you to make your brand instantly recognisable.


OOm Image

For example, OOm’s signature typeface.


Choose a typeface that will resonate with your brand voice. If you want your company to look stern and professional, consider choosing a bold font with large letters. On the other hand, if your business is more on the fun side, then let your creative juices flow and pick unconventional typography that is suitable for your brand.


2. Minimalism

As the art of advertising continues to break barriers, expect to see more minimalist trends in the coming years.


Minimalism is an art style that is easy to spot a mile away. The goal of minimalism revolves around the saying “less is more”. You can opt for minimalist web design by utilising as little elements as possible.


Start building your minimalist website by getting rid of unnecessary elements that are taking too much space. Removing useless plugs will also improve your site speed, affecting your SEO rankings as well.


3. Limited Colour Scheme

Most modern web design trends utilise limited colour schemes to help users develop a brand identity of their own. Look at big brands like Nike, Apple, McDonald’s, and Amazon; they use a limited range of colours to help customers recognise their brand at a glance.


A simple colour scheme will make it easier for your visitors to explore your website. Incorporate too many colours, and your visitors might find it confusing to distinguish your site from others.


Strive for simplicity by using a single colour scheme, and try to experiment by using different shades of the same colours. That way, your visitors can easily distinguish your brand.


4. Interactive Navigation System


Want to impress your customers? Integrate an interactive navigation system in your website to let users explore each web page with a smooth and responsive interface. You could let users jump from one page to another in transition by adding SEO-friendly animations.


However, remember that you should also make your navigation system easy to use. A confusing navigation system will only make it harder for your visitors to explore your website. As a result, they might exit the site, leaving a poor first impression of your brand as well.


5. Background Videos

Another great way to grab the user’s attention is to implement background videos. Doing so is hard since you need to optimise your website’s performance and SEO, but the results are worth your hard work. As long as your background videos will not impede the site’s speed, then include them in your web design strategy.


6. Call To Action (CTA) Buttons

Instead of encouraging your customers to contact you via phone or email, why not give them access to your contact information directly? Utilise a few CTA buttons in your landing page and website to increase your chances of converting prospects into customers.





Creating a modern web design strategy starts with the mentioned essential elements. To incorporate efficient SEO with your web design strategy, consider working with an SEO company in Singapore!


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