Digital marketing, just like any other industries, is a collaboration of different personalities. This is essential to come up with a strong SEO campaign strategy. In this article, we will highlight the different personalities of digital marketers who helps in making each company one of the best SEO companies in Singapore. Want to your personality type as a digital marketer? Read through!


the Leader



In every team, there is one person who becomes followed in a natural manner. He is regarded as the leader who envisions the big picture. Flowing with great ideas and strategies, he is very approachable. Planning how the work flows in the team is the main duty. With a fondness for reading, he also possesses analytical reasoning and creative talent. Members of the group approach him for opinions and are respected. When he talks, everyone listens.


He is responsible for creating the plan of the business. A plan for content marketing is also produced. In general, his presence in meetings with clients is sought for. Pitches also come from him. However, when it comes to details, he is not expected to execute them.


the techy executive



An SEO agency in Singapore has a person who is so fond of technology. Considered as brainy, he is adept in solving problems. Being curious about processes and improvements, he figures out what is better for the campaign. Every day, he loves to show practicality in methods. Processes for streamlining and functionality are performed. When an object has damage, he shows his skill in fixing it. The talents are creating web codes, UX design, and handling analytics and SEO.


the snarky guy



Encountering a person who loves to give sarcastic comments about certain ideas belongs to the grumpy kind. With a tendency to be misunderstood, he is driven, smart, and sensitive. On the outside, he seems to be serious and not fond of socialising. However, in talking to a person, there may be a moody outburst! Thus, beware of getting to the wrong side of this person. Thinking well a lot of the time is possible. However, he is also aloof and becomes more of a solo player than in a team.


The strength of this person is creating visuals. On the other hand, managing people is his weakest trait.


THE Humorous LAD



Being in an SEO company, it is likely that a person with great humour exists! When serious moments occur, he is always ready to bring vibrancy. His presence is highly desirable as he elicits exemplary performance. For this kind of person, rely on him to create interesting ideas for the campaign. Social media and fun content are also his forays. However, to make pitches for the account is not really his best bet.


the Confident and Enthusiastic

Three self-confident men in elegant suits vector illustration business characters with notebook and handbag isolated on white, managers in flat style.


A person who loves to make himself known in the team is confident and enthusiastic! He is passionate about every social media platform. Likewise, regard him as educated and always busy generating ideas. When his ideas come into fruition, be impressed until completion! It is great for him to be listened to in a marketing podcast. Also, tools for marketing are used for the purpose. Content for video is described as compelling. Platforms for social media are experimented with.


the Veteran


When there is a professional digital marketer in an SEO agency who is considered a veteran of the field, he is known as the life of the business! Being able to adapt to different kinds of campaigns for various industries and remain level-headed is great! By continuing to learn new ideas about the industry and also share his own is necessary. Certainly, he possesses a breadth of experience and insight that the campaign needs.


Based on their experience with varied campaigns, they are able to predict the direction of the campaign. Also, a suitable strategy for the brand has foresight. Completed projects that are similar serve as bases for executing on a present campaign. This kind of digital marketer is skilled in research and making the copy. Managing several projects is also bearable for him. However, looking at codes on websites makes him cringe. Handling details is also manageable.


the highly-motivated


Cute Young Guy Sitting at Desk and Working on Computer. Flat Style Vector illustration


With a charming face and attractive character, this person is also outspoken with cool humour. Besides these traits, he possesses high motivation, loyalty, and industriousness. Defeat is simply a stranger to him and pessimism is out of his system. Every task detail is bound to be finished. This is no matter how many times failures are experienced along the way. The determination is high even though rules have been broken. He is capable of creating effective strategy for content.


These are only some of the interesting personalities of an SEO company in Singapore. Who are you among them? Perhaps, more than one combined.

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