Affiliate Marketing And SEO: 4 Myths Debunked

Waking up every morning to see your marketing campaign doing well is the dream. Fortunately, that dream is attainable with the help of affiliate marketing.


Affiliate marketing is a strategy that has been helping many brands gain recognition, especially those in the eCommerce industry. Amazon, eBay, Shopify–these are successful eCommerce brands that have benefitted from affiliate marketing. While affiliate marketing works best for eCommerce, you can apply the same technique and balance it with SEO.


What exactly is affiliate marketing, and how does it affect SEO?



What Is Affiliate Marketing?


Affiliate marketing refers to the business strategy of promoting products from other brands. Being an affiliate marketer for many brands allows you to earn commissions and bonuses. Also, there is no limit to the number of rewards that you can gain out of affiliate marketing.


There are four critical roles when it comes to affiliate marketing: the advertiser (merchant), network, publisher (affiliate), and customer. As the publisher or affiliate, your job is to promote products from the advertiser or merchant by using a preferred network. Getting more customers to buy the products will result in better profits for you and the merchant.


How does affiliate marketing intertwine with SEO anyway? For starters, affiliate marketing overlaps with many Internet marketing strategies, such as content marketing, email marketing, and SEO. By incorporating efficient digital marketing methods into your affiliate marketing campaign, you can promote the products more effectively and reap better rewards.


Both affiliate marketing and SEO can help you boost traffic and drive revenue. However, sometimes the two become dependent on each other, making it harder for you to control the outcome of your campaign.


What are some of the myths that you need to know about affiliate marketing and SEO? Let’s find out.



4 Myths About Affiliate Marketing And SEO


1. Affiliate Marketing Hurts Your SEO

Since affiliate marketing and SEO interact with each other most of the time, there’s a chance that your search engines are affected as well. But is it true that affiliate marketing can hurt your SEO?


It depends on the situation. When it comes to affiliate marketing, you have to focus on proper link placement from an SEO perspective. Failure to do so may result in your organic SEO rankings decreasing in the long run.


However, as long as you understand basic search engine guidelines, there is no need to worry about your SEO rankings getting affected by affiliate marketing. Try to enhance your marketing efforts through effective SEO services so you can boost your affiliate rankings as well.


2. More Traffic Leads To More Profits

Many people think that affiliate marketing can get you more money and make you rich. But the truth is that affiliate marketing is very profitable only if you sell a good number of products from many different brands. Otherwise, you need to direct more traffic to your website so you can earn more profits.


But wait, does increased traffic automatically result in more profits? Not exactly. Optimising your website to boost traffic is an excellent way to improve your rankings and attract more customers. However, that does not mean your traffic will convert into sales just yet.


You need to consider the quality of your website, including its speed, performance, and content. Directing traffic to your website will not help you sell your products if you lack high-quality content required to persuade customers.


3. Affiliate Marketing And SEO Are Expensive

When it comes to Internet marketing, all the essential elements necessary for success are achievable, free of charge! You can create a website for free, publish quality content, and drive organic traffic through SEO without spending too much money. The same goes for affiliate marketing, a method that allows you to promote your products by making worthwhile investments.


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In reality, combine affiliate marketing and SEO, and you have one of the least expensive promotional methods out there. All you need to do is attract potential customers by improving your organic online presence.


4. Combining Affiliate Marketing And SEO Requires Technical Expertise

Sure, being an expert on all things Internet marketing is a huge advantage, but it is not something you need to succeed. First-timers can start an affiliate marketing program with basic SEO strategies, such as content and social media marketing. Once you work your way from there, you will get used to the complexity of SEO.


For example, including relevant keywords in your content is a great way to drive traffic to your website. It takes time to see significant results, but the long-term benefits will be worth your efforts.




Whether you choose to become a merchant or affiliate, your affiliate marketing program will benefit your business in subtle but significant ways. Remember to incorporate effective SEO strategies into your campaign so you can reap the benefits of affiliate marketing!


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