Top Tips from Successful Affiliate Marketers


The Internet evolved from more than just a portal of information into an unlimited source of income-generating opportunities. In fact, TopTenReviews.com enlisted some of the best online affiliate marketing companies this 2014, and needless to say, there is definitely money online.


Optimally, it takes years before an affiliate marketer earns outstanding revenue. Furthermore, the success in affiliate marketing depends on creative strategies for marketing to acquire and retain good client relationships.


So, what else can be a better source for affiliate marketing tips but success stories of affiliate marketers themselves?


Before you take more affiliate marketing lessons to enhance your skills, here are three tips that successful online affiliate marketers shared:


1. “Affiliate marketing is not just something we do… it is everything we do.” –Affiliate Traction


Basically speaking, Affiliate Traction encourages you to choose a niche that you are passionate about. Affiliate Traction is commendable for being multi-faceted when it comes to their services, but it took them years before transitioning to one industry from another.


Ask yourself what you are most interested in. If you are passionate about what you do, your creative input will be limitless, so you can think of various strategies to improve your affiliate marketing venture. Your passion will also push you to learn more about your chosen industry.


Just make sure that when you choose an industry, it should be an established one already. To assess how established it is, try to enumerate your resources for information and identify the percentage of people interested in it.


2. “Set goals for yourselves around traffic, number of ads shown, ads per page, number of clicks and as you optimize AdSense, the revenue will follow.” –Jason Calacanis, Weblogs.com


Jason’s affiliate marketing revenue started shooting up in September 2004, earning $1,000 to $3,000 per day. His tool for success is Google AdSense, and he was able to create a reputation for Weblogs.com as the perfect partner for consumer blogs all over the blogosphere.


Jason implies that to be successful in affiliate marketing, you have to learn the craft of optimizing ads for your website. And one good virtue is to advertise with integrity. Try to endorse products that you believe in and not endorse just for the sake of it.


3. “Your site needs to be attractive and valuable to existing and potential customers. Make sure they have a good experience once they are there.” –Pedro Sostre, Sostre & Associates


Pedro Sostre is a Commission Junction affiliate for various consumer products that yearn for a solid online existence. His tool is the EPC or earnings per 100 clicks. His supporting tools are providing high-quality services for customers, impeccable reporting capabilities, and working with advertisers.


Pedro Sostre emphasizes that to be a good affiliate marketer, you have to put aesthetic and functional value in your website. Learning SEO is also a good avenue for developing your website.


These are just some of the tips to inspire you on becoming better affiliate marketers. Would you like to share more? Post it through a comment below.