Are you really Tweeting? Or Just Spamming?

Twitter could be used to help you effectively build traffic to your site if used correctly. It is a useful tool to engage with your followers, by sharing links of interesting articles/images, pushing updates, and engaging in discussions. However, many businesses are not utilizing their twitter accounts properly, and end up spamming their twitter feeds with messages that seem like spam!



So, how not to appear like a spammer? Here are some things you should avoid doing:


Over Tweeting

Tweeting regularly is good. However, there is a fine line between tweeting regularly with good content, and just purely spamming excessively, especially if you tweet many times in a row. As a matter of fact, it is sad and shocking to know that many people commit this heinous crime! Many twitter accounts are just churning out automated scheduled tweets sharing links where nobody reads, shares or are even interested in.


And so you may wonder, what makes a good tweet?


A good tweet is one that is able to capture the attention of your audience, and they would be inclined to share your tweet, or lead them to engage in a discussion with you and other followers.


Auto-Response Messages

How do you feel when you try calling someone, and you are always being directed to an answering machine? Annoyed?


Yes, annoying is the word. This is the same feeling people get when they get auto-response messages after following someone on twitter, or when you mentioned someone in a tweet. It is insincere, and it gives your followers the impressions that you do not value them. Do take time to send personalized replies to your followers. Your followers would definitely feel the sincerity, and appreciate your efforts.


Hashtag Abuser


Hashtag is a tool to organize post of the same topics together. Abusing hashtag by spamming multiple hashtag on your post is a strict NO GO! Tag only what is relevant, and you will not be marked as a hashtag whore. Users trying to find what they need in the right category topics would love you for that.


The Robot


A Robot is defined as someone or something acting and responding in a mechanical, routine manner, usually subject to automation. Yes, using applications to schedule tweets that post meaningless and boring tweets or continuously pushing endless links of articles would make it seems like your twitter account is handled by a robot. Such boring tweets would definitely encourage people to follow you!


So, stop being boring, and actually start tweeting! Be imaginative, and put yourself in the shoes of your follower! Engage and interact with them, and you will definitely gain more followers, who actually enjoy your tweets, and be engaged in your brands.