Basic Guides For Newbie Bloggers


If you are newbie in the blogging world and are wondering if your blog will ever get noticed, then you’ve come to the right place. It may seem like you have been doing all your best to write the best content you can possibly produce and select the best videos and photos to complement you texts but you feel that no one (aside from your friends and immediate family members) know that you actually have an amazing site worth sharing to the world. You might have never heard of how effective it is to seek professional help from a reputable seo company that are often situated in highly advanced and  ICT leading countries like Singapore. By the way, before we get any further, SEO is short for search engine optimization—which is highly recommended for startup sites like yours that obviously need to be more visible in the search engines. Do not fall into the trap of thinking that you could just consult some random seo vendors you chance upon online; it is highly recommended to consider some sem agency in Singapore  (SEM is short for Search Engine Marketing) that can answer and provide solutions to your seo needs. Do not fret, seo services in Singapore are known to provide the best web-based solutions to your needs—they often offer packages that are very reasonably priced. Depending on which direction you wish to take your growing blog, it is a hundred percent sure that an seo professional will work to your benefit.


Here are a few guides on your quest to join the ranks of the highly regarded pages in the internet world


  • Get your own domain and hosting: While there are free blog spaces around like blogger and wordpress, no one will take you seriously if you do not get your own domain.  Google also favors sites that seem formal and trustworthy.  Aside from this, free blog sites have long urls and this might affect recall from your web visitors. You want a name and domain that is easy to remember and is catchy. This is good for your seo efforts too as properly hosted sites have better chances of getting good exposures online.


  • Produce quality, fresh, and organized content: You notice how websites like wikipedia are so popular that even when it is an editable page, people still read them for basic definitions and history? It is because websites like wikis are structured in a way that one can easily read the information that one is looking for.  To gain higher, or at least a reputable rank, for  your startup blog, always write fresh and quality content. Be specific on what theme you are going to focus on. Have a target market (or target readers rather) in mind. Think of what these readers want to know. Write articles that people would rely information from. Search engines like Google and Bing love fresh and trending contents so you will have a better chance of getting noticed if you follow these basic rules. Avoid write ups that are too muddled and cluttered that any reader will be turned off to rely on and read your content.  


  • The Operative word is “optimization”: On basic terms, to optimize means to make fully functional and effective. That is the goal to be set in your neophyte blog.  As some blog seo veterans like John Rampton disclosed   to freshbooks.com My best SEO strategy for getting my blog ranked and noticed is to optimize blog post titles, image descriptions, and image file names. Many people don’t realize they can do this or they just don’t realize the true value it yields for ranking.” If you follow these simple tricks, there is no way that your site wont appear on the top ranks of every search engine.


  • Use your social media accounts to promote your blog: While others resort to spamming activities to promote their sites, you can exploit your social media accounts like instagram, facebook, twitter, etcetera in a more dignified and proper manner without resorting to desperate actions like spamming. Keep the url of your blog on you bio, regularly post new contents on your newsfeed (and make sure they are interesting), and do not forget to remind your people to visit your page.


  • The wonders of inbound links and inter-links: Another strategy you may do is to submit your link to directories to gain more inbound links.  Similarly, join blog networks as a starting site; the good thing about this is that since networked blogs are interconnected, chances are, your blog will have better exposure especially if those in your network are popular already. Use this to your advantage to gain leverage and start the needed exposure your site has been clamouring for.


And those are just some of the helpful guides for you. We still highly advise that you consult an seo specialist as these new terms and jargon can just confuse you especially if you are not a fan of  anything too technical (and admittedly tech illiterate). But we hope the article somehow opened to doors of hope that your own blog will be one of the topmost sites of the future.