Blogging Mistakes That Affect Your SEO

Writing can be fun. It’s a creative outlet compared to typical office work. Your brain functions like in a different world of imagination as you think of engaging thoughts related to your subject of discussion. However, like all things professional, it requires technical thinking and logic.


Writing, in general, requires skill, there’s no doubt about it. But in the digital marketing industry, there’s more to it than just “writing”.


You might think blogging is the same when it comes to SEO, but there’s still a complex algorithm to it. Writing for blogs require a handful of knowledge in the industry of digital marketing. You’re required to at least learn a thing or two about SEO before you begin blogging.


Before you dive into the world of blogging, there are common mistakes that should be avoided. If these mistakes aren’t avoided, your SEO will be affected and eventually, so shall your blog too. Here are blogging mistakes that can affect your SEO in the process.


Lacking in quality

Writers are usually paid for the quality of words they provide on paper or online. It’s how writing works in print and online media. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case for bloggers. Blog writing focus on the SEO aspect of writing, which means you have to write a lot of words on a regular basis. The number could be a minimum of 300, 400, or even 800 words depending on the strategy at hand.


This can lead to a problem of focusing on quantity over quality. A blog could be visible online thanks to efficient Optimization, but without quality content, it can provide the reader with a bad impression. Readers want to invest in quality content, not half-baked articles. Bloggers should pour a little passion into your work.


Google may notice a blog’s presence thanks to its quantity, but it’s quality content that will hook the reader into investing in your blog.



Not understanding the target audience

In the writing industry, one of the most essential tips you should always remember is this: Write for your readers. In blogging, this case is still true. You are always writing for the reader. You have to get a good feel of what your readers want, but you can’t achieve this if you don’t understand your target audience.


Learn more about what you’re writing, then understand what your audience wants. Make sure you know your readers well enough so you can provide them with valuable content.



Some writers start strong but end up flat. For some, it’s the other way around. Whatever the case may be, what should be noted is the fact that consistency is the key to earning traffic on the web.


The competition isn’t getting any easier, which is why bloggers should publish consistent quality on a regular basis to keep ahead of the game.


In blog writing, you are encouraged to start strong and keep that level of quality to retain the interest of the target audience. Lacking in quality content as you go further down your journey can urge your readers to forget you altogether. Avoid this by consistently publishing quality content. Keep that quality level of retention high enough to let your readers know you’re reliable in what you do.


Poor promotion

As previously mentioned, focusing on quantity while lacking in quality is detrimental to your SEO. However, the other way around is just as harmful to your SEO. No matter how good and well-written your blog is, it won’t achieve its required number of viewers if you don’t promote it well.


Focus on other SEO aspects such as paid advertisements, link building, or sharing on social media to establish your blog’s presence online. Establishing links and connections to other platforms online (especially social media) is a good way to get your blog known.



Not seeking feedback

Knowing what the audience wants is the key to providing your customer with valuable information. In this case, it’s beneficial to ask what the reader has in mind regarding your content.


Provide a CTA (call to action) at every blog you write to encourage your readers to give you their insights. Prompt them to visit your website or social media pages by including links. Communicate with your audience to understand more about what they want and need.


Blogging is a task that requires focus in both technical and creative aspects. Lead your brand to a better online path by establishing an online presence with the help of OOm, an SEO company in Singapore that can provide you with feasible strategies for digital marketing. Know more about how you can reach greater heights online through SEO services in Singapore with OOm as your guide.