Brands that Got Valentine’s Marketing Right

Valentine’s Day is every marketer’s opportunity to capitalise on the concept of love and on consumers who so willingly spend money on their significant others.


In fact, Feb. 14 is a major business across the world and it seems an increasing number of consumers in Singapore are adopting gift-giving as their primary love language, with the average lovestruck consumer spending over $200 for the occasion.


In a recent study by Mastercard, sentimental spending – which is defined as spending in restaurants, hotels, transportations, jewellery and flowers – increased by 28% in the past three years. Hotel accommodations were credited for the 45% of the overall spending, closely followed by flowers and jewellery.


The statistics provide enough reason why advertisers should all the more jump on the bandwagon and get the most out of the occasion. Having that said, we thought we’d explore what international brands did this year, who among them appealed the most online, and what made them effective.


Dunkin’ Donuts


Dunkin’ Donuts has established a reputation for creating engaging social media marketing campaigns. Even before others did, the coffee company understands how engagement is important thus, every Valentine’s Day, they release heart-shaped doughnuts that would make as a great gift for your loved ones.


For this year, Dunkin’ Donuts has taken advantage of their social reach by launching a series of Instagram posts that take the heart-shaped doughnuts in the spotlight. To help share the love, they also released a sheet of special edition Dunkintines card available in all participating locations and for printing.




In a world that’s so digital, even a business that sells greeting cards and gifts also need to get creative. This Valentine’s Day, Hallmark expanded its Paper Wonder greeting cards collection to add a new dimension to how we celebrate Valentine’s Day. Each intricately designed card showcases love through dainty folds and artistic details.


Because of its unique story and impressive craftwork, the card can double as a keepsake. What’s even better is that the Paper Wonder cards is available in more than 20 different designs and four different formats. Just watch what happens when you open Valentine’s Day Hallmark Paper Wonder card




Valentine’s Day isn’t exclusive for reciprocated love and Tinder proved just that when the dating app teamed up with a soy wax candle manufacturer to bring exclusive candles for those who are celebrating independence this Feb. 14.


The Single, Not Sorry candle will be released on the Singles’ Awareness Day which falls on Feb. 15. The partnership is a unique take on anti-consumerism and single empowerment as it moves away from the traditional gifts such as flowers, chocolates and greeting cards. Aside from the availability of candles exclusive for the single ladies, we’re just as surprised that there’s actually a holiday celebrated by single people.




In its most romantic campaign yet, Kentucky Fried Chicken launched a Reddit competition where fans get a chance to win an ultimate date night package inclusive of a Colonel Sanders faux bearskin rug, a pair of fried chicken onesies, a $160 gift card for any streaming service subscription, and a monthly KFC date night for a year.


The contest is exclusive on Reddit and offers three ways to win: photoshop battle, storytelling challenge, and a drawing duel.




MeUndies is changing the way we look at Valentine’s Day underwear with the recent release of its Valentine’s Day line. The collection is far from the usual underwears that are frilly, satin and in shades of pink and red.


The Los Angeles-based underwear keeps comfortability in mind with the availability of cosy cuts such as bikinis and boy shorts with a patented fabric that feels luxuriously soft to the skin. But, the best part is that the underwears feature irresistible prints such as wine and cheese and Significant Otter patterns that are available both for men and women.


Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity for businesses to make a lasting impression. But, while everyone is pouring all their efforts to make an effective Valentine’s marketing campaign, not all of them can make the cut. So, what made these campaigns a standout?


They found an effective way to evoke customer engagement by releasing campaigns that relate to their audience. It only shows that as a business, you shouldn’t be merely aware of the potential revenue the holiday can bring in your business, but as well as how you can run a successful campaign that will connect your brand to your audience.


Use these tips to come up with a better Valentine’s Day campaign next year and let us know how it will work for you!