Sophie & Toffee
Case Study

Sophie & Toffee sells cute craft supplies for everyone who loves the sweetest and cutest things in life! They have products ranging from charms, stickers to package box sets.



Increase Box Subscriptions.



Prior to engaging OOm, Sophie & Toffee has only been running boost posts on Facebook. Since November 2020, after engaging OOm’s services, the agency has initiated various ad campaigns directed to increase Disney and Elves Box subscriptions on their website.



More Conversions


Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

OOm ran Facebook Ads in video and carousel format. The ad copies includes call-to-action: Subscribe, that directs potential subscribers to Sophie & Toffee’s subscription web page.

Target Audiences

3 groups of audiences were targeted for the ads.

Generic interests: These are people who are interested in the items that Sophie & Toffee sells. E.g people who showed interests in handicraft or decorative arts.

Lookalike audiences: To expand the reach beyond people who have interacted with Sophie & Toffee audiences, other FB users who have similar user behaviour e.g those who have engaged with their Facebook page and website visitors were being targeted.

Remarketing: In order to push through the final conversion action, customers who have added to cart but not checked out were shown the ad to remind them of the subscription box and drive them to make the purchase.

Global Market Exposure

Other than Singapore, audiences in Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and the United States were being targeted for the ads. This is the advantage of an ecommerce business, it can transcend geographical boundaries and extend the reach of brand awareness.


We’ve been working with OOm for the past few months and very happy with the results and general attitude and responsiveness! Jay is a really easy guy to work with.


Credible and solid technical knowledge, the team is able to strategise effective and cost-friendly campaigns to not only dominate impressions, accelerate conversions but to counter attack the harsh competition battlefield.


As an agency, value added service is what matters. Their dedicated service quality extends more than just during the operating hours. I am impressed their time spent after office hours and weekends just to stay competitive digitally.

Shoban Rahulapaskaran

Senior Physiotherapist Director

City Osteopathy & Physiotherapy


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