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Increase conversion and decrease cost per conversion

Solutions (Search Ads)

Campaign were duplicated and targeted according to devices (mobile and desktop) that users utilized while interacting with the ads. The advertising budget can then be allocated more efficiently according to the results of the campaigns based on the interactions. This will also help to reduce the cost per acquisition.


On top of that, responsive search ads and dynamic keyword insertion were utilized to improve click-through-rates by matching the ad to the intentions of the users as closely as possible via Google machine learning.


Responsive search ads were implemented to showcase ads that are most relevant to potential customer’s searches. Multiple headlines and descriptions related to the campaign are entered. Google’s machine learning algorithm will then test, learn and optimize for the best performing combination of expanded text ads according to search query.


Dynamic keyword insertion contains the dynamic keyword insertion formula that matches the user’s search query in the creation of a generic ad. When the ad is served, the dynamic keyword insertion formula will substitute the keyword that triggered the formula in the ad. This creates a more specific and highly targeted ad that perfectly matches the searcher’s intent.



Solution (Responsive Display Ads)

Responsive display ads were launched. Google assembles and adjust the size, appearance and format of the responsive display ads to fit just about any available ad space to maximise the ad via Google machine learning.


Audience profiles created were targeted at specific pest types. For example, bed bug ads were targeted at frequent travellers via affinity and in-market audiences.




Solution (Call Tracking)

A number was dedicated to Rentokil Singapore to track the total number of calls coming in from paid campaigns. Through this, Rentokil was able to measure the effectiveness of the campaigns.



With the launch of both search and display campaigns, the number of calls specifically attributed tot he campaigns increased by 6.75 times.


More calls received* *From Aug 18 to Jul 19

Comparing campaign periods between August 2018 to July 2019 against the prior period, the conversion rate increased and cost per conversion decreased significantly


More conversions


Less Cost Per Conversion


The team at OOm has showed great account management support, particularly in the digital space where competition is running 24/7, the team’s responsive and speedy execution of paid search initiatives and rectification vs competitors is impressive.


Credible and solid technical knowledge, the team is able to strategise effective and cost-friendly campaigns to not only dominate impressions, accelerate conversions but to counter attack the harsh competition battlefield.


As an agency, value added service is what matters. Their dedicated service quality extends more than just during the operating hours. I am impressed their time spent after office hours and weekends just to stay competitive digitally.


Junie Yeo

Marketing Director

Rentokil Initial Singapore Pte Ltd.

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