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Acquire new patients.



As a result of the full suite of digital services that we customised for East Coast Podiatry, they received 158% more enquiries.



More enquiries made

Search Engine Optimisation [SEO]

East Coast Podiatry engaged OOm’s services to promote podiatry-related keywords to the first page of Google search in order to increase organic traffic to their website and appointments made.

Number 1 on Google SERP

Display Ads

Display ads leave a stronger impression as they consist of images. Clicking on the ad will lead to a dedicated landing page with call-to-actions that include a WhatsApp button. Over the years, display ads have evolved into an intent-based solution where relevant display ads will be shown to potential customers who has searched for terms related to East Coast Podiatry via machine learning. This increases the possibility of meeting conversion-based objectives.

Display Ads

Search Ads

Search ads and ad extensions such as ‘Podiatrist Team’ and ‘Testimonials’ were launched. These ads will be shown when people search for keywords related to East Coast Podiatrist’s business. Clicking on the ad will lead to a dedicated landing page with call-to-actions that include a WhatsApp button. A dedicated landing page leads to a higher possibility of conversion as there are lesser distractions on the page.

Search Ad

Landing Page With Call To Action

YouTube Ads

A TrueView in-stream ad was ran on YouTube. The ad will run before a video is played and viewers can skip the ad after 5 seconds. This approach ensures that advertisers pay for viewers who are truly interested in the video as they will not be charged when the video ad is skipped before 30 seconds. There is a call-to-action on the video and clicking on it will lead to a dedicated landing page. A companion banner was also set up to enhance brand awareness and encourage viewers to click on the call-to-action button.

YouTube Ads

WhatsApp Call-to-action

A WhatsApp button was tagged to the landing page of the search and display ads in order to record the number of WhatsApp leads generated from the campaign. This helps to track the effectiveness of the campaign. This solution was recommended as we notice an upward trend of potential customers who prefer to make enquiries via WhatsApp.

WhatApp Call-to-action on Home Page


OOm is a high quality internet marketing firm that is a one stop shop for businesses so that business owners can fully focus on their day to day operations, business development, product improvement and customer service. Marketing is not an expense, it is an investment. Most business owners get it wrong and think that marketing is an expense like back office administration, it is not. Marketing is what will determine if you have the opportunity for sales or not.


Many business owners do not understand the importance of marketing much less marketing online and even fewer business owners understand how to correctly conduct advertising strategies and tactics online. I have in my own experience meet many business owners who feel they know how to manage their own SEO and SEM advertising on google and their campaigns on social media platforms, the fact is that they may know how to operate the basics of it but truly it is much more complicated than that.


The fact is that unless you have our own full-time in-house google/social media marketing specialist technicians, you will not be as good as a pro, and this underscores the importance of engaging real professionals like OOm who are experts in this field, not only are they experienced and in the know of what’s current with online strategies, they also have the relationships and access to the key platforms that the industry outsiders do not have.


So it’s not as simple as knowing how to operate Google analytics or Facebook business manager, it is also having relationships will Google or Facebook to have insights on what’s the best now and what’s next. Knowing how to cook in your own kitchen doesn’t make you a professional chef at a restaurant, so that’s why our company engaged a professional online marketing agency like OOm.

Jevon Tay

Founder & CEO

East Coast Podiatry


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