Content Marketing: The Party You Were Missing Out On


So you want your website to rank. You want to beat everyone else’s website and you’d want to be the one that’s always on the first page when people look for a specific product that you yourself is selling. You want your company to beat big brands out there and steal their throne. If more people see you on search results, your business or company will be able to sell more and swell up like a snow ball rolling on money-mountain.



Unfortunately, a websites that lack content will have trouble ranking up search engines. Sure, on some other search engines it may show up, and your website looks all cool and flashy with professional/business looking designs, but if you’re really serious about spreading the name of your business out there, you need to play by Google’s rules.
This search engine has been growing bigger faster than the speed of light these past couple of years. It’s becoming more and more precise, and it’s now offering information that people actually want to see. It is now consumer based. Google continuously wants to give people specific and useful information. Now it has grown into something that can do that. Hence, if your website doesn’t have any content on it, Google won’t even give your website a chance to rank high up its SERPS.


“Content is King”. By now, every SEO might either be sick of this term or already chanting it in some altar because this is the most basic motto that has been going around since time in memorial. Content, doesn’t really have to be just blocks of texts with hyperlinks on them. It can either be videos or even pictures. Something real people could actually “hold on” to. Something Interactive even.


But, you don’t just grab a handful of random words and gibberish then throw it all in on your website, you need to have content that makes sense and explains you product or business very well. Search engines are now offering information that people are actually looking for. They are now content driven. Meaning, if you want to beat your competition, you need to put out better material than your enemy in the form of content. You will never convince Google to place you on top of your competition if you won’t “Say” anything. Depending on your website design alone won’t get you that far.


Now that you already know that you need to put in words on your site, you need to know what to write about. And, that’s easy. You first have to think of what you’re selling, and what your targeted audience want to see, read or find out about. Remember that these days, if you want to rank, you don’t “talk” to the search engine, you “talk” to your audience. It’s them you need to worry about now. Give your audience good quality content chalk full of information. Give out news and updates about your company. Or something that’s closely related to your industry.


You can also get creative. And please… do NOT be afraid or be too lazy to get creative. Content has other more interesting forms. They include: Infographs, Videos or Pod-casts.


Just in case, here’s where you can find some good looking Infographs


Also if you want, you can actually make infographs look more cool and badass and inevitably more interactive like this one at AnimaGrafs


People automatically get attracted to things that aren’t boring. So you need to offer something exciting and attractive like these. Combining relevant content with creative media is one of the many combo’s you can use to help your website flourish better.