Design Showcase: Holiday Ads 2018

Aside from amazing Black Friday deals and endless holiday sales, there’s another craze that many people are waiting for this season: the holiday ads. From Santa’s email mishap to tear-jerking short films, the online world was filled with a variety of advertisements this year that goes beyond the usual holiday greetings and brand promotion.


Here, we list down some of the best holiday ads that’s been released so far. Ready your emotions as you’re about to watch a feast of online video campaigns from different parts of the globe.


International Committee of the Red Cross


“The One Gift Santa Can’t Deliver”


In this short film, viewers will be reminded how hard it is to be separated from your loved ones on a holiday. It also shows that even when he has all the good intentions, there are some things that Santa can’t deliver.




“Share the Gifts”



Sharing doesn’t only mean giving material things. Apple’s charming animation film shows us how we can bring happiness to everyone through our talents once we share them.




“The Snowman”



We all have a childhood dream – to be a princess, to live in a castle, or to fly. This holiday spot from Barbour teaches us how to hold on to our dreams and never stop believing that one day, maybe… just maybe, it will come true.


Twitter U.K.


“#NotARetailStore ft. @JohnLewis”


It may be a little flattering for some to be mistaken as someone popular, but if it happens all the time (or every year), it may be a little annoying. But John Lewis, a teacher from Virginia, saw this opportunity in a different. This ad invites everyone to join the conversations this holiday season – even if it’s a mistake.






In their newest holiday ad, KFC showed how they will be always on demand. Some people may be looking forward to having turkey during Thanksgiving, but chicken are always a clear favorite dish. As their copy reads: “Turkey comes and goes but chicken’s here to stay.”


TK Maxx


“The Neverending Stocking”



Don’t you want to have a magic bag that gives you almost everything that you want, just like Dora the Explorer’s backpack or Doraemon’s pouch? In this comedic ad from TK Maxx, you will have an idea on what it feels like to get everything you want — but with limits.




“Home for the Holidays”


Imagine having a famous friend on a dinner with your weird family? Ain’t it hilarious? But this short film by Brita, featuring NBA start Steph Curry and comedian Anwar Jibawi, still managed to convey their environmental message to stop using plastic bottled water. Not bad.






What should you have for Christmas? Marks & Spencer’s tells us everything that we must have during this season, with a little help of Magic and lots of Sparkles. Get it?





“This Is Not a Brick”



Lego Christmas campaigns are always one of the much-awaited spot every year. This time, Lego shows how a piece of “not a brick” can trigger every person’s imagination through an action-packed, CGI-intensified commercial spot.



Air New Zealand


“The Nicest Christmas Ever”



People makes mistakes, but so does Santa. This spot features what happened when Santa accidentally sent the Naughty list to a random kid in New Zealand – and how the country will always be the nices place on earth.