Design Showcase: Viral Online Ads


Advertisements play a pivotal role when it comes to building your business; simply because it somehow shows your company’s image in different perspective and giving you a remarkable profile. When an advertisement reaches a lot of audience that it becomes viral, it opens a lot of opportunities for new businesses and potential clients.


Through time, we have seen a lot of online ads that becomes viral. These ads have extensively reach a wider audience than the brand is aiming for. Each of these ads ought to present the viewer something more valuable such as information and entertainment, and something that they have never seen before. But what makes these ads truly memorable is that it keeps the company’s branding unobtrusive, it inspires joy as it surprise the audience, it builds up the emotional attachment of the audience, and it targets the active users of social media who are likely to be potential customers.


Contrary to what many people may have know, viral ad campaigns are not easy to carry. You cannot simply create a video or a campaign and upload it online, then expect it to hit a million views overnight. Incidentally, viral ads are mostly accidental.


In this post, we will be looking at 10 most viral online advertisements that changed the pace of social media marketing. These could be your guides to boost your social media presence and make your network business boom.


Enjoy watching!


Tide POD



Amazon Superbowl LII Commercial



Stranger Things Season 2 promotion




Samsung Extreme Sheep LED Art



Volkswagen – The Force



Nike: Kobe Jumps Pool of Snakes




Cadbury’s Gorilla in the Air Tonight



T-Mobile Flash mob



Honda – The Cog



The Man Your Man Could Smell Like