Facebook Marketing: 5 Elements of a Good Digital Ad

Gone are the days where video marketing can only be created and cascaded through a number of devices such as TV ads, email ads, etc. With the advancement of technology and the rise of social media, particularly Facebook, this form of marketing has skyrocketed immensely.


Advertising with a digital video has been practiced and watched. Brands have the option to create one as another way to reach the consumer. On Facebook, it is popular for a brand to produce on this platform. Since this social media strategy has caught the attention of many consumers and because it gains sales, many are utilising this strategy. With the service of an seo company in Singapore, this may be accomplished. Certainly, the number of viewers for the digital video ad has to keep rising.


Digital advertisements and target market reach


Based on statistical data obtained, traffic to a website is from the presence of this kind of ad. That is an estimated 78% and counting. It is a reality that this social media platform generates the most viewership for video ads. In the industry of digital marketing, it is crucial that the video is shared with as many people as possible. The goal of spreading it and making it viral has to be achieved. Reaching the consumer in an organic manner is important.


Without a doubt, seeking the expertise of an seo company in Singapore for this production is advisable. When the video appeals to the consumer, the attention for the brand is catapulted! As a reality in marketing, within a week of showing the video, the number of shares, likes, and views has the possibility of being multiplied exponentially. The brand may have new investors through a quick video. How often it is viewed within a few days determines its future direction in sales.


Now that you know how powerful these digital advertisements can be, it’s time to know the basic elements necessary to make these materials relatable and relevant. Here are the 5 things you need to tick off the list when creating a digital marketing ad:


1. Why Make The Video

A brand is knowledgeable that having a digital video created for marketing efforts needs a lot of money. It has to talk with the producer of the video about the goals for the project. Among the possibilities include raising awareness, making conversions go up, letting traffic rise, and gaining more leads. The strategy for its distribution comes from the goals. At the same time, it is important that the numerical data for the viewing of the video is noted. The metrics may be conversion, audience reach or engagement.


2. What to Achieve with It

It is the desire of an seo company in Singapore for the digital video to have higher number of viewers as the days go by. Serving as a powerful medium to sell the brand to the consumer, the story that it tells has to be convincing. The brand is hungry for attention in a very quick duration. While watching the video, the characters have to impress the consumer into making a purchase for a product or service. This may be done on the website or personally.


The concept for the digital video has to include background music and the right choice of colors. Selling a product or service through this kind of video is achieved when attention is gained from the consumer first. Catch the interest to know more about the product or service. Convince the consumer to reach a buying decision after watching the video. Lead the consumer into action when the need for the product or service arises. These are basic in the model of selling.


3. Do you have a good story?

With the facebook marketing efforts of an seo company in Singapore, it is possible for these to come into fruition. Before making the video, a good story with impact is developed. Based on a study, listening to and watching a very short story with effective role playing have a very strong effect on the thinking of the consumer. While watching the video, the brand elicits empathy and trust. In the presence of great characters portraying their roles, the consumer becomes more attentive.


4. Is there a Call to Action?

Before the video ends, there is a call to action for the consumer to do. It may be going to the landing page of the brand, buying on a good deal, visiting a link or signing up for the newsletter. No matter what the consumer is being convinced to do after watching the video, it is necessary to Always Be Closing. The great thing about marketing is tickling the desire of the consumer. Provide a clear step to be done when the end of the video is reached.


5. Have you done Retargeting?

It is a good business decision for a brand to seek the service of an seo company in Singapore for the video. After all, moving visuals that are interesting can capture the attention of the consumer. Based on the names of the viewers for the video, take note of them and reach out to them more. This is done by creating fresh ads after the video is watched. An option is provided on Facebook that says, “Create audiences from people who view this video.”


Being available on a smartphone, watching a Facebook video of a brand is a good activity. Convince the consumer afterward.


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