The start of a new decade! 


Who would have thought that after the predictions about the world ending in 2012, we would make it to 2020? 


The past 10 years have seen us through some quite remarkable innovations—the launch of the first iPad, Instagram, Snapchat, the first virtual reality headset, 4G networks, and Uber to name a few. 


It has indeed been a wild ride and as the new year—a new decade begins, it’s time to start anew and thank the past 10 years for the lessons and memories.


As you complete your new year’s resolutions, don’t forget to include your business in the planning as well. This is a good time to reflect on your business’s progress and plan how you want it to move forward. 


You may be considering a rebrand or starting a new business. But, whatever the case, we think this should start in contemplating a feng shui approach to your logo design. 



How to Feng Shui Your Business Logo 

The ancient art of feng shui has been around for thousands of years, regarded for its several applications in the business from creating better quality energy in the workplace to attracting more success. 

There are at least four basic elements that revolve around the feng shui principles. Each is essential to ensure balance and harmony in your logo design. 



As a human’s reaction to colour is stronger than any other elements on the list, it arguably has the most weight in terms of logo design. It deeply affects human behaviour and our response to it is almost always predictable. 


For instance, red is stimulating while green and blue are more on the relaxing side, with rather calming feng shui energy. It makes sense why spa businesses should refrain from using red in their logo design and overall aesthetic as it goes against the very essence of a spa. 


The best colours for logos are those that strengthen or complement the feng shui element of a business. You sure have observed that most social media sites today—Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.—have blue user interfaces. This is because the colour inspires communication, which makes sense in regards to apps designed exactly for engagement. 




Colour is followed by shapes, which also represent the five feng shui elements: earth, wood, fire, metal, and water. It’s easy to understand their association if you imagine their presence in nature. 


For instance, the wood element is best portrayed by a rectangle, because it most resembles the upward growth of a tree, plant, flower, etc. On the other hand, the fire element is best represented by a triangle because it visually expresses the flames of fire. 


Below are the representations of the feng shui elements in shapes: 


Earth: Square 

Water: Wavy 

Fire: Triangle

Wood: Rectangular 

Metal: Round 


There are cases when a business may be represented by more than a single element. Here, your creativity will play a crucial role in creating a sense of balance and proportion to see which shape best reflects the nature of your business. 


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Image & Symbol 

The text and symbols in your logo should be based on your brand message as well. They are probably the most straightforward element that encapsulates what your business is about. For instance, the silhouette of a dog doesn’t need too much guesswork to understand that a business is a pet shop, if not a pet grooming salon. The same is true for a flower shop which logo is a bunch of flowers. 


While it’s easy, however, there remains a risk for making bad feng shui decisions. Make sure to avoid negative image and symbol associations. Remember the London Olympics 2012? 


The logo was regarded to be too dissonant, being far away from reflecting any of the host country’s iconic landmarks. If it was anything, the logo was so bad that the designers were embarrassed when it was revealed. 



Directions & Measurements 

Just as the five feng shui elements are represented by colours, shapes, images and symbols, they are also associated with directions and measurements. Many feng shui consultants use bagua or pakua to analyse the energy in any space and identify the optimal direction for design and the placement of the signage itself. 


Earth: southwest, northwest, west, northeast 

Fire: south, southwest, centre 

Metal: north, northwest, west

Water: north, east, southeast 

Wood: east, southeast, south 


These factors go to show that there’s a lot that comes into play when designing a logo. But, this feng shui approach should help you decide the most auspicious one for your business. 


Start by understanding these basic factors and narrow down to which of them best aligns with your brand and its message. Working with a digital marketing agency that offers graphics and web design can help you realise your auspicious logo design. 


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