Get Ready For 2020: How To Prepare For SEO 2020

Yet again, we’re about to cap another wonderful year marked by exciting updates, challenging setbacks, and glorious comebacks. Now that we are off to a new start with a new series of campaigns to sprawl on the massive digital space we have to put up our dukes and prepare for another year of dealing with the fast-paced Internet. This year, we are met with a lot of changes. Surely, the next would not be anything different.


A lot of trends surely have risen up this year that might also boom the next year or who knows? There might be a new trend that will arise the next year. In spite of it all, we must always be prepared with what 2020 SEO has to give. With this said, here are a few things that you should note in preparing for 2020’s SEO:



Revamp Your Content Marketing Style


This might sound like something that’s too obvious and outdated but apparently, to this day, content marketing remains relevant. If anything, it is evolving that what you are writing right now may no longer be effective in the years to come. If content marketing in the past is marked by adding way too many keywords, the algorithms of different search engines are now more picky as it is leaning on user experience. With that said, preparing your content for 2020 would mean strategising the campaigns of your content well. It might be good for you to look into creating less content and providing more good quality ones that provide a better and quicker overview of any topic you have chosen. Simply put, create content that will have everything the users will need. This is because search engines like Google are now geared towards content that is written by the experts, themselves.


It also tends to be bombarding for readers to only see text. This 2020, it will help seal your place on SEO if you also look into mixing diverse content across different channels. We have seen that this 2019, people’s lifestyles are more fast-paced. Because of this, they cannot afford to read through your article and be patient in waiting to reach the information that they need. With this, it is good to venture through different formats that users may prefer. Consider as well the channels that are hot these days.



Establish The Authority Of Your Domain

Related to what has been discussed, you can seal your spot in 2020’s SEO if you start working on the authority of your domain. To optimise brand authority, you must now release better and more credible content. Google has expressed that they are now particular about what they call EAT: Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. With this, Google will be more strict with the content that you are releasing. They are now particular about content that had really come from industry experts. If you cannot find an expert about your business, try interviewing some people. It is also best to return the practice of citing your sources.


Check your pages and make sure that its speed is running well. Clean up your codes, and get rid of your plug-ins.



Venture Into Visual Search


At the beginning of this new decade, we might be ushering in the rise of a new type of search—one that we only muse about in the past: visual search. With Google Lens, it is now possible to use pictures as your query entry. In fact, Google Lens has now been used a billion times. Reviews say that this new visual search technology is really good. This new feature allows you to identify a lot of objects under the sun.


Now that there’s this new search, for sure, there will be a few aspects of SEO that will change, like using image SEO.



Do Not Forget Your Backlinks

Even in 2020, backlinks remain to be ever-relevant. Having great backlinks allow Google to deem your domain more credible and reliable which will then earn you higher ranks up the SERPs. Amidst the new trends, links still remain to play great roles in search engines’ algorithms. Firstly, make sure to understand your buyers. This allows you to know what type of content you should release. Second, choose also reliable sites where you want your links to be built.


Here are just some of the tips that can help you to get ready for what 2020 has to offer for SEO. From what we have observed, it cannot be denied that Google is really now more strict. This is why more than ever, you would need to seek the help of a professional SEO agency, like OOm. With their help, you can now focus on your own processes while entrusting our SEO campaigns to experts.