How to Compare SEO Companies for Your Business Website

When you’re looking for a service provider near you, the most popular references are the top lists available online. But when it comes to your business website, should you leave it all to these lists?


Every website will have its own needs and issues. It’s hard to say that an SEO company will be the right fit for you too, just because they lead the search results. You can use the list of recommended SEO companies as a guide, but don’t base your decision to it alone.



Here are tips on how you can compare SEO agencies and identify the best match for your business.


1. Watch out for those making big promises.

When it comes to search engine Optimization, one can’t guarantee the specific results to a client. It’s natural for business owners like you to want to climb the search rankings. However, any SEO company, even the biggest ones in Singapore, won’t be able to make big promises. They can discuss their plans how they’ll help you reach your online marketing goals, but they will not say your site will be at the top spot in only a few months.


Even the timeline in which every progress will be achieved is difficult to define. But if you’re working with a professional SEO company, rest assured they will keep you updated throughout.


2. See about familiar names on their client list.

While newer SEO vendors may also be able to deliver quality services, a list of clients with familiar names will serve as a more credible proof. They have something to show for their exemplary performance. And if familiar names in the industry put their trust in this SEO agency, chances are they’re happy with the work delivered to them. If it’s your first time hiring an SEO company, you will also feel more confident you’ve chosen the right team if they have positive reviews.


In case you’re not familiar with the clients they have worked with before, take time going over case studies and visiting websites yourself. You may find you’re in a similar situation as their former client.


3. Ask if they also incorporate social media in their strategy.

The power of social media is hard to ignore if you’re aiming to boost website awareness. That said, ask if the SEO’s are also tapping into social media platforms for their clients to increase website traffic. This is especially the case if the market you’re appealing to is composed of active social media users.


In China, for instance, if you would like to boost your digital marketing efforts, then you need to explore Weibo or WeChat. This is where your audience is so your brand should as well be there.


A committed SEO firm will make sure that their clients are updated when it comes to the latest trends in digital marketing. They’ll see to it that you’re able to keep up with your competitors. If there’s anything that is new to you, don’t hesitate to ask more questions. Don’t feel intimidated. If they can’t explain their process in a way it’ll be easy for you to follow, then move forward to your other options.


Keep comparing using these 3 pointers until you finally  identify the best SEO company for your business.