How to Know Whether You’re Getting Google Adwords Training from the Right Team

If you want to grow your company, the solution isn’t always to start another business or get involved in someone else’s business. You can always invest back in your company and then double or perhaps even triple your profit.


Investing in Google Adwords is one way you can do so. Learning takes time, though. You can go over resources online and join a Google Adwords training program. Use articles online as a tool to get started learning. And then, back it up with a certification training.


The good thing about joining these classes is that you get to learn from industry professionals themselves. Chances are you’d pick up tips you have not read or heard elsewhere yet. And to add to that, you get to ask and receive answers to your questions real-time.


But how would you know whether you’re going to the right team for your first ever Google Adwords training course? Consider these tips.


1. Look into the background of the team.


If you’re learning from these people, you might as well ensure they’re fully experienced when it comes to using Google AdWords. Of course it’s not enough that they have read a ton of resources or joined seminars themselves, they should have had used the tool themselves. And not just used, but made sure to grow their income from doing so.


Google AdWords is best learned through practice so make sure that the training instructors are also active users themselves. This means they can provide you with first-hand, updated information.


If the team are not just working for clients but are also working on their own accounts, then they know for sure the value of a well thought-out strategy.


They probably have experienced losses themselves, which is good because they, for sure, have learned a lot from those experiences. They can pass on more valuable tips for you so you won’t have to commit the same mistakes for your Google AdWords campaign.


2. Learn more about the service offered by the company.


You’d want to know that the training provider is who or what they say they are.


If they tell you they’re a company offering wide range of services, then chances are you’d also be working with people that are specifically assigned to Google AdWords. You can be sure that you’re dealing with experts. This is versus that of a one-man team offering various services, with AdWords being only one of them.


Also, if the company specialises in Google AdWords certification training, you’d be able to find more information about the quality of their service. You may even know someone that has personally signed up for a training program from the same team. That brings us to the next tip that is to look out for recommendations.


3. Check feedback from previous attendees.


As with any service or product you’re signing up for, make sure to see about what previous attendees have to say about the training program and the instructors.


Did they feel that everything had been worth it? Did they have fun? How did the training help them?


While you can always look into testimonials provided by the company themselves, feedback that you gather straight from previous students would be invaluable.


Word-of-mouth will always be the most credible form of investment. And if you’re joining the training programs to see results for your business, then it would help hearing how joining a particular program helped others grow their business too.  


4. Inquire about client niche they have worked on.


You may want to conduct further interview with the team before signing up for a training program.


Ask about the industries they have worked with on in the past. It’s important that they would be able to relate to your questions during the course of the training.  And it would help a lot if they’ve already had some exposure on your industry.


Don’t look into this as the single determining factor whether to sign up with the team for training or not. Take it as an advantage, rather for a team. However, at the end of the day, you’d want to choose a program that has shown results for those that have already taken them.


5. Ask about certifications they have under their belt.


A company providing Google Adwords training classes should be certified by Google as well. The instructors should be equipped with the right skills so they can also share valuable information to you.


Companies providing Google Adwords training courses would make sure that only those qualified to teach will be taking charge of the class. The trainers are not only search engine marketing experts themselves, they also know how to keep a class fun and engaging. You should be provided hands-on training so you can better understand how Google AdWords works.


While you’re at it, check to ensure that the workshop fees can be claimed through the Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) scheme.


Benefits of Joining Google AdWords Trainings

If you are still on the fence about the benefits that you can enjoy from training for Google AdWords or being Google AdWords certified, here’s a quick rundown for you to consider.


  • Learning how to use Google AdWords more effectively to create profitable campaigns. If you don’t know how to use Google AdWords, you can easily go way beyond your budget. Understanding how the process works would help you create campaigns that increase leads for your site, without spending more than what you can afford. If anything, a successful campaign would give you a huge return on investment, faster and higher than any other traditional form of advertising can.


  • Making better decision which agency to hire for your Google AdWords campaign. Once you’ve learned more about Google AdWords yourself, you’d know better whether a team is more than ready to handle the job.


  • Boosting your resume and increasing your market value.  Google AdWords is always a great addition to your resume. Whether you’re training for your own business or for helping your clients better, learning more about this tool will help boost your profit.


If these benefits are not enough, you also get to learn from other entrepreneurs and marketers that are looking to grow their business too. So if you already have your website and wondering how you can make more profit off it, you need not go far. Google Adwords is key.