Like a snowflake, everyone’s unique… that’s what some people say. But is it 100% true?


Not exactly. Everyone has their special wants and needs, but that doesn’t make them 100% unique. However, we still share a common denominator, which is the up to marketers to find out.

After all, the goal of every marketer is to seek a target audience.



Singapore Is The Answer

For event management companies, the same rules apply. The objective is to market their brands to attract prospects. This makes it a goal for marketers to discover the common denominator of their intended audience (clients). Thankfully, the answer might be right under our noses the entire time.


SINGAPORE is the answer, but how?


Since the plan is to find a shared trait among your client’s target market, the country of origin is already the first step towards achieving that goal. 


Singapore is a vast space for opportunities, and event management companies are no exception to obtaining such chances. How can you promote your company’s services in the country? You start by understanding its citizens, of course!



Understanding The Target Market

There’s not much difference between a brand’s target market and an event’s clients. Both are specific groups which are targeted by their respective brands.

The trick for marketing event management companies is the same as any other business: understand the target market. What can businesses benefit from hiring an event management company?


Let’s start with the basics:


1. Make Connections


Every business should market themselves first via networking. It’s one of the fundamentals of marketing with its effective and progressive methods. 


The first step of networking is to sound and act genuinely. An interpersonal relationship can provide your company with a long list of prospects if you know how to be genuine with others. 


Beyond everything else, a marketer is like a salesman, a professional who can exhibit human characteristics to establish genuine relationships with prospects.


To do so, all you have to do is act human. Be like a human being and befriend others, give gifts, set up friendly dates, and even ask about the other person’s day. Being friendly and polite can go a long way, especially since most Singaporeans appreciate kindness and gratitude.



Another factor to consider is that Singaporeans prefer to keep things simple by mixing traditional and modern practices. For example, most we prefer to stay updated with the latest fashion trends, but we also love to celebrate traditional holidays. The two aren’t mutually exclusive, and our country of Singapore is glad to promote such traits!


2. Make Use Of Digital Marketing


In Singapore, digital marketing is on its way to becoming one of the country’s leading platforms. In fact, over 4.3 million Singaporeans are on Facebook, with 48% of women and 52% of men as users. This fact alone makes digital marketing a worthwhile investment for businesses.


The world of social media in Singapore is just starting to getting bigger, so it’s a great idea for companies to catch up and adapt to the changing needs of the average consumer.

Event companies can make good use of digital marketing by utilising Singapore’s top social media rankings. The top social media sites are:


  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • WhatsApp
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn


These working sites are some of the most used platforms, making them highly valuable assets for digital marketing purposes.


Now that you’re aware of social media as an asset for businesses, how can you use it to your success? 


One thing you should take note of is the fact that most Singaporeans want things quickly and in real-time. Fortunately, with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you can post live videos and photos of your company’s services. You could also invest in Facebook marketing services in Singapore to boost your event company’s capabilities even further. 


Use these strategies to your advantage whenever you’re conducting events for clients. As soon as your company’s in charge of a client’s event, post live videos for everyone to see. This should grab the attention of your viewers, and maybe even gather a list of prospects in the process.


3. Consider The Country’s Cultural Identities


We all know that you can experience a combination of multi-cultural traditions in Singapore. This means Malay, South Asian, East Asian, and Eurasian cultures make the bulk of the country’s social environment.


In general, Singapore is a conservative country, which means if you’ll market your company, do so in a conservative fashion. Keep it clean by using light-hearted humour and respecting old traditions.


Take the opportunity to market your brand online during holidays such as National Day, Chinese New Year, and even Eid al-Fitr. Promoting on these given dates are a sure-fire way to shine more light on your event management company for better online exposure.




Social media marketing in Singapore is a great way to get started with your company’s branding. Event management companies in the country will greatly benefit from the inception of social media as a part of its modern culture.


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