Taking The Pitch: How To Research For Blog Topics In 2020

Pitching articles is always one of the hardest processes when writing blogs. You always have to pull efforts and rack your brains to come up with exciting and catchy topics that people will definitely read, engage with, and share with others. In today’s digital age, blogs are a great way to introduce your brand to the massive public that the digital space holds. With your blog, the audiences can become informed about what your industry is all about and what you can offer them. More than this, blog articles are great breeding grounds for optimising your website for search engines like Google.


With this necessity, you must first have to pass the hurdle of pitching topics and making it as holistic as it can get. This means that it must have the right information about the topic and that it must be thoroughly researched as much as possible. With this, here are a few steps on how to research blog topics for 2020:



Clear Your Mind And Condition Yourself

Stop overthinking and start conditioning yourself. When pitching for a topic to write about, it comes out better if it was churned out personally by you. You cannot always think of a good topic if your mind is clouded by a lot of things or if you are bombarded by countless thoughts. For you to focus and let your creative juices flow freely, let go of the baggage that crowd your thoughts.



Think About The Current Trends

Now, if you want a topic that’s catchy and creative, try to consider what the public currently wants. Get in with the times and figure out what’s new. Immerse yourself with the current trends and get to understand its nuances. Especially today where Google’s algorithm is more strict than ever, writing about a topic that users enjoy will gain you more traffic.



Consider Your Interests

Why look elsewhere when you can ingrain your interests in the topics that you pitch or the topics that you are about to write? If it’s about something you’re passionate about, surely, it will turn out great because you poured your heart out to writing the article. There might be a way that your interest is related to the industry you are writing.



Pay Attention To Your Surroundings

Think outside the box and observe the world around you. Sometimes, great topics to talk about are just right around the corner. Actually, if you are going to write about something that has not been written yet about a particular subject, people may become curious about what it is all about. The key here is to always think outside the box.



Stay Organized And Take Notes

You may have already pitched a topic. The challenge now is to make it more informative and to deliver only the right facts. This will make your blog more relevant and more substantial. With search engines today like Google, data and substance are of the utmost importance in making a blog. This will make your blog more relevant and will pull audiences to read and engage with your article.



Be Critical And Ask Questions

Every good content starts with asking the right questions. Especially if you are writing a case study, you must always be critical with the content you are writing. Always, always ask the right questions and see ahead of the gaps with your statements.



Study Your Keywords

Now that we are talking about SEO, first and foremost, choosing the right keywords is necessary in order to know which topics will make users click your article. Doing this today is no longer that difficult. Good thing that with how the digital processes today are advancing, several tools and software programs are not available for us to study keywords. These tools can help you in looking for the main keywords and even longtail keywords.



Hit The Books, Scour The Internet Or Meet People

Surely, ideas don’t just fall from the sky—you just cannot come up with something that you have not observed and investigated. With this, if you are writing an article, researching data is always important. We have already mentioned time and time again how important it is to make your articles or blogs informative and engaging. By looking for information in books, in digital copies available online or in doing interviews and fieldworks, you can make sure that your article or blog will bring out something worthwhile.


Now that you know how to pitch topics and research for blog topics and other articles, you now have a guide on how to bring great content. The key here is to always be consistent. Here in Singapore, there are SEO agencies that can help you optimise your content by the reliable content marketers that can offer their services.