How to Revive Dropping SEO Rankings

Digital marketing, along with any other industries today, is moving on a fast lane. What may be in trend today, may no longer be relevant tomorrow. When it comes with the industry of digital marketing, specifically of Search Engine Optimization or SEO, rankings that are dropping need to be salvaged. Because of the fast-paced nature of the digital space, it is natural that it would not hesitate to change on a whim. So, when you have gained a raise on your SEO rankings, and have sharply dropped the following periods, there must be something wrong with how you strategise. It can also be that there is something that you have overlooked. Before you become terrified out of your wits on what might have happened, assess your conditions first for you to know the next move that you should be taking.


Check for changes

Before you panic, make sure first that there are actually changes. You might be at a loss about what to do but in the first place, it turns out that there are not actually changes with your rankings. It can be that the tracker that you use to oversee your rankings is not properly localised. It can also be that the tracker you use has picked up one of Google’s experiments of personalisations on rankings.


With this, check out if there have been droppings with the organic traffic to the affected pages. Assessing if the organic traffic has dropped to the affected pages would be the right path to start with because this would offer the most credible data you currently have about the site you are taking care of. Check if your rankings tracker and the Google Search Console showed the same drop in rankings. Now that we have assessed our situation, the next requires you to diagnose the problem:



Check for Google algorithm updates

One reason that your SEO rankings have been dropping is that Google might have made new updates with their algorithm, which they do silently and as frequent as they can. With this, you must be kept updated to every update of the Google algorithm. If it has been diagnosed that this is your problem, you would need to change the tricks you pull out of your sleeves when it comes with SEO.



Check for lost links

Check out the links you must have lost with your reliable link counters. Assess the site-wide link drop and the link drop with respect to the page or group of pages where there has been a change of rankings. The links that connect the pages on your site to a page or group of pages where there have been ranking changes must also be assessed. The inbound links to the page or pages are also not spared from your assessment. For these, the possible solution is to either regain or replace lost links.



Check for changes within the affected sites

A change with the pages may result in a drop in rankings because Google might not have recognised them. Changes within the affected site include you changing your URL which you must not do. Did you remove the target keyword from your title page, H1 or H2? Did you set the keyword density lower than it should be or has Google even acknowledged your content? Is your site accessible to Google? If this is the case, you can revive your traffic by changing your website back to how it used to be. If the site is not accessible to Google, your dev team must do something about it.



Assess the internal links used

Check if the site navigation, the key pages on the side that connect to target pages, and anchor text on links to target pages have recently been updated. If this is the case, compare the inbound link counts with the new and the old updates. Your impact on the site structure would be crucial in fixing this problem. Conjure systematic ways in adding links where you can control the



Rank differently per Google’s user feedback

You adding a popup recently might have resulted in an increase of bounce rate or your page taking a long time to load might be some problems. Your page titles might also be a factor. For these concerns, you can have different options in marketing your brand with respect to the popups. The dev team must troubleshoot the slow loading time of your page. If you have updated your page titles, better change them back to the old one.



Tight competition


Maybe the competition just got a little tighter which resulted in the dropping of your rankings. With this, consider which competitor gained or lost rankings and all other factors that led to their position. On the bright side, you can know which strategy works as you have seen with their rankings.



Here are just a few of the diagnoses and solutions with your dropping SEO rankings. Here in Singapore, the digital marketing industry is ever on the rise as people run to the internet for different purposes. This is why if you want to make it big within this massive space, you better seek an SEO Company that can guide you throughout the digital space.