How would you manage your Facebook page?

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So you have created a Facebook account for your business or organization. But then you realize that Social Media is not one Magic Bullet to raise your sales. What’s in it for you then?

You see, the important thing in establishing online presence is not only having a Facebook account but being present in it and actively engaging in it.




1. Update Your Facebook Details including Contact Information to Establish Credibility


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Add the address, Company Tag line and the necessary phone numbers. If you operate a shop, it is essential to include the working hours or hours you are available to service clients. Not only will it help you to be found by customers, but it will also give a definite schedule on when they could drop by your location.


Adding maps might be essential such as adding landmarks so that people won’t get lost in finding your store. Or worse, might find another establishment that is more convenient for them. Remember to make things easier for your clients.


2. Add the Photos to Engage Your Readers in as Fast at 5 seconds!


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It’s a visual generation right now and people derive interest from visual imagery, it would help to put photos to boost interest in the page. Imagine a menu without food pictures; doesn’t it make the food less appetizing to order? If everything is presented in a sumptuous manner, customers will be motivated to order more.


But a word of caution: Always represent your brand, no more no less. Your profile picture is the brand logo and the cover photos must always reflect on your brand and following the cover photo rule: never exceed 20% text in the cover photo. You may link to other pages but do not link to them all the time. Limit linking to an external specific page or website to once every two weeks.


3. Keep them coming for more! Add REGULAR content to your page.


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Regular content keeps people coming back and will eventually help build a loyal fanbase. If people do not see a regular activity in your page, they are more likely not to go back to your site because there might be nothing new.


A word of caution again, do not spam. It is a marketers mortal sin. If you push yourself too often and people find you too intrusive and too hard sell. Put only necessary updates and as much as possible limit it to 1 post per day.  People tend to block posts or even unlike pages that over-post unless it is a news site or some page that contains information.


4. Play the Referee and Moderate Comments


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What could go wrong on Facebook? A lot of people are misled by that idea. Facebook might be a friend-based website but a lot of people have found a faceless courage through it too. Facebook comments can be dangerous and smear bad reputation on your brand. You should take notice of these comments and sometimes report the spammers.


Replying to comments will also be a great deal in terms of customer service of the brand. If you don’t, customers might believe that you aren’t listening to them which is essential in establishing a customer relationship