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Have you ever heard of the term “phygital marketing”? It may sound like a bunch of gibberish, but in reality, phygital marketing is a type of marketing that can help your business grow.


Here’s what you need to know about phygital marketing.




Combine the words “physical” and “digital”, and the result is phygital. Phygital marketing combines physical and digital marketing elements to provide customers with a one-of-a-kind shopping experience and make a good impression of your business. 


An example of phygital marketing is using QR codes in restaurants to let customers view the provided menu and pay for their orders online. It is a simple yet effective way to offer online options for customers who want to dine in without physical contact with the waiters/waitresses.


Nowadays, many retail stores are using phygital marketing to their advantage. What makes phygital marketing essential for the retail industry, anyway?




Since the COVID-19 pandemic, online shopping has been on the rise, which encouraged retail stores to adapt and change their methods of providing quality customer services. As a result, phygital marketing has become increasingly relevant today.


Phygital marketing is not exactly new. Brands like Nike and Amazon have been already using phygital content to make shopping more convenient for customers. 


By incorporating physical elements of real-life shopping with your digital marketing strategy, you can make your brand seem more trustworthy and reliable. 


For instance, if you have an online store, you can let your customers create an account that allows them to see the available products in a specific branch of your business. Doing so should help them check your selection of products without making any physical contact with the products themselves.


Your phygital marketing strategy will depend on your objectives, direction, and type of business. Here’s how you can develop a phygital marketing strategy.






The first thing you should consider is your customers. Find out whether or not they would appreciate it if your retail establishment offers brand-new digital experiences.


A simple way to do so is by seeking customer feedback. Encourage your customers to send a review on your website or app by offering incentives or rewards. That way, you can discover any weaknesses on your part and improve upon them.


You could also send surveys to existing customers online via emails or social media to ask them how they feel about your supposed phygital marketing project, whether you plan to make a mobile app or use QR codes for your retail store.



When cooking food, you don’t just focus on the taste but also the smell and presentation of your meal. The same logic applies to creating a phygital marketing strategy. Your brick-and-mortar establishment must look, feel, sound, and smell pleasant to attract more customers.


Digital Menu


Pictured above: an example of a digital menu from McDonald’s. (Source: Skift Table)


For example, consider making a digital menu board for your restaurant or establishment. In doing so, customers can use your digital menu to find what they want or need quickly and conveniently. Other than that, you can also play relaxing music and spray a mild but pleasant fragrance to make your store more inviting and welcoming.






AR is probably the most common form of phygital marketing worldwide. It is affordable and easy to use, thanks to social media apps like Instagram. With AR, you can let customers generate real-time virtual objects of your products on their phones.


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You can rent retail space and set up a pop-up store to promote your brand. Connect with customers and provide them with a unique experience to show an in-depth look at your brand. 


Pop-up stores usually appear in malls, festivals, and events. One example of using pop-up stores the right way is this phygital marketing strategy from Sonos. The brand’s pop-up store allowed customers to listen to music in sound-proof rooms with light displays to enhance the experience.



For customers who prefer to pay for their purchases online, try giving them the option to enable a virtual transaction. It is a simple way to speed up the checkout process.


For example, take a look at the many Amazon Go stores in the United States. These self-service stores have no cashiers and checkout stands. Amazon Go stores let customers buy whatever they need without having to check out at all. As long as the customer has an Amazon account, they can simply walk out of the store.




Your digital marketing campaign could benefit from a successful phygital strategy. Try to improve your online presence with digital and phygital marketing today. It will help you attract more customers than ever.


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