Look Who’s Talking : Alif Amar (Motion Graphics Designer)


Hmm where to begin… I’m Alif, a motion graphics designer at OOm.  I’m usually an introvert who sits in the corner of the room. I like conversations, but I’m not good at starting one. I’m a huge soccer fan therefore on most weekends, I’m a part time manager of my Fantasy Premier League team, playing alongside some of my friends as we try to get to the top of the league table.


 Alif Amar a Motion Graphics Designer at OOm


Describe your role in OOm as a Motion Graphics Designer.

On a regular day, I create motion graphics  artwork for Social Media and websites. This includes various storyboarding and animation processes. I get productive as the day goes by, therefore after lunch, I would normally be “in the zone” with my airpods on and everything else around me off. Animating takes time and a short 1 minute animation can take up to 2 days or more to complete. I enjoy the process of creating and producing videos and as a whole, improving myself while I still can. Afterall, “focus on the elements you like best and they’ll be the things you’re best at”.


Alif Amar, OOm’s Motion Graphics Designer


Tell me about one memorable incident / experience you had while working in OOm.

It has to be the way the company celebrated my birthday earlier this year when some of us could still come to the office to work. A few of my colleagues that were around that day came over with cupcakes from Fluff Bakery. Having the privilege to join this company along with a birthday surprise was touching. Though there were only less than 5 of us celebrating due to the pandemic restrictions, it was very much appreciated.  


Who inspired/inspires you to pursue the career you have today?

I do not think anyone inspires me to pursue this career of being in the creative line. I’ve always had an interest in movie-making and video production. As a kid, I watched plenty of animation cartoons, which fuelled my desire for first-hand experience in animations.  A fast-paced environment, working on multiple different accounts all the time makes work feel exciting. But I have to admit that my partner plays a huge role in molding me to be a responsible working adult and to be a son that my parents would be proud of having. So the answer is my partner, my wife.


Alif's Embarrassing Experience in Thailand


What is the craziest thing that has ever happened to you? 

I went jet skiing in Thailand and got into an accident. I had to pay close to $2.5k as the other party claimed that his arm was broken. I almost got expelled from school as the trip was an overseas school programme, but thankfully that did not happen.


What do you do during your free time?

I like to play FIFA with my friends and spend some time in the gym. Playing FIFA allows me to unwind and relax after a long day of work, while still interacting with my friends. Since I am working my mind from Monday to Friday, heading to the gym allows me to work my body and keep myself healthy. You know what they say, a healthy mind and body leads to a better life!


Alif’s Love to Play Fifa


What’s your favourite food and drink?

I think you could never go wrong with spicy fried rice. The different flavours and aromas just make the dish so appetising and scrumptious. My favourite drinks would have to be coconut shake and coffee. Coconut shake is especially refreshing on a hot day and there is no denying my need for coffee to keep me awake at work!


Music Genre / Playlist to share?

Go give “Acoustic Favourite” a try, you may love it too!


What are your pet peeves?

When my partner asks questions in the movie. What can I say, it takes me out of the immersion! Movies are a portal away from reality. The whole point of a movie is to immerse yourself completely from start to finish and conversations kind of ruin that experience.