Look Who’s Talking – Dennet Macorol (SP)

The best part about working at OOm is spending quality time with good people. Just ask Dennet Macorol, a copywriter for OOm who enjoys being around respectful co-workers!


However, there is more to his job than just being a copywriter and socialising with friendly people at work. Know more about Dennet and his role at OOm in our latest segment of Look Who’s Talking!


Describe your role in OOm

I’m a copywriter, and I use SEO techniques and strategies to write copies that persuade online readers and boost website rankings.


Dennet SEO Copywriter



What are some of the lessons you’ve learned while working at OOm?

There are lots of lessons learned working at OOm. I learned to adapt my writing skills in terms of tonality and style of delivery. I don’t think you need to be the best, but being capable of adapting to your environment. Also, being able to deliver your work at the right time might give you a bigger chance for survival, which I think is quite universal and applicable to a ton of areas.



How do you manage stress while you’re at work?

I would have a brisk walk during my break time. Sometimes, I would just unwind and try not to worry about stuff too much. There are also times where I would break things down to its simplest form just to tackle some complex task, but I have lots of ways to manage stress. Some of them won’t work at different times while some do so I’ll often find myself doing different things from reading to watching or listening just to loosen things up a bit.



What is one weakness at work that you wish to improve?

I think about this a lot. I firmly believe that I am a lifetime student and I would want to constantly improve my writing as a copywriter. Being able to empathise, grab your readers’ attention, and convince them is something I would want to achieve in the meantime to contribute more.



Tell us more about your hobbies and interests

– I love listening to music, specifically a lot of old rock bands from the 60s to 90s.

– Likes to play the guitar, and would love to explore musical genres to help break barrier limits of playing the instrument

– Doing long walks and reflecting

– Playing video games occasionally

– Reading a lot mostly non-fiction stuff, and sometimes science fiction works

– I like studying philosophy, astrophysics, and cosmology, and would accidentally screw myself with existential thoughts.

– Doing crappy 2-D and 3-D digital artworks

– Amassing a shocking amount of nuclear arsenal


I do a lot of stuff outside work because of my interests, and sometimes I would be feeling annoyed and frustrated if I don’t have much time, or if I feel like I am wasting time instead of doing something that will help me become good in certain areas.


I admit that I easily get distracted for some parts, and I don’t have the best time management as some people would have thought. But I just believe that every second matters a lot, and every second that is wasted is something I would never regain. So, I love being occupied in my spare time, although there are times where I would sit down quietly and still and reflect on certain things.





What is one subject during your college years that you despise the most?

Physical Education. Honestly, this sounds kinda ridiculous. I don’t hate it, but since my body is too dumb for movements, like doing sports or dance performance, I started to dislike it a lot more than I would expect. I embarrassingly can’t even dance to save my life, and I remember one time when I was in college that 99% of block mates knew how to dance, and I was trying so freaking hard to conceal it.



If you suddenly became a billionaire overnight, what would you do with your money?

I’ll probably get a heart attack and then spend a hundred thousand bucks for the medical bills. Jokes aside, I’ll likely do some investment stuff, establish a business, help the poor folks here, get a masters degree, donate for cancer research, and avoid splurging.


I would still love to live in a modest home. I don’t see myself riding on an expensive wheel or even owning a villa. I’m pretty quite attracted to a modern bungalow type of home, so I would end up buying a medium-sized one for my family.



Would you rather be deaf or blind? Why?

Tough call. I’m not 100% sure which one to choose. But I would probably be deaf than blind. Despite how I love listening to music, being blind feels like you are robbed a lot, and you rely a lot upon clinging to useful devices and to a person, which makes you handicapped.


You can’t read, you can’t watch interesting stuff, you can’t do a lot of things you would normally do, and you would even miss the chance to see and experience a lot of technological advancements. Yes, the total silence might be deafening, but you get to see and experience the world around you and still navigate properly. Plus, you won’t hear crazy ramblings and complaints, especially if you have a wife and kids.


PS: I don’t have a wife nor kids.



If you could live in a fictional universe from any book, movie, game, or TV show, where would it be? Why?

As much as I like Dark Souls and the Lovecraftian universe, it’s not my go-to place to live since they are always getting screwed up big time. Interesting, but absolute bonkers.


I’m thinking being a Stardew Valley farmer would be my main choice because it has less pressure, or maybe live in the Dune universe if I feel more adventurous because of sci-fi stuff. Maybe I could also become a trainer at Pokémonverse or a duelist in Yu-Gi-Oh universe.


Dennet black and white



What do you love about OOm?

It’s the people—can’t emphasize enough. I think OOm’s biggest asset is its employees. They are extremely respectful and friendly, and I learned a lot from these people, and also working with people from different cultural backgrounds is an eye-opening experience.