Look Who’s Talking – Mindy Pee (Senior Account Executive)

Everyone here at OOm has a story to tell. As for Mindy, she probably has so many stories that we could sit and talk for hours non-stop!


Mindy is a new addition to the OOm Singapore office, and she has loads of stories for everyone. Know more about OOm’s resident loudspeaker in today’s segment of Look Who’s Talking!




Describe your role in OOm

I think I’m the loudspeaker in OOm , simply because I talk non-stop for nine hours when we’re in the office, so I guess my role is to ensure that the office is always…. noisy!


Jokes aside–I’m part of the account management team that manages a large number of portfolios, ensuring that we understand our clients’ marketing objectives and creating solutions to meet their needs.



What is your first impression of OOm?

Wow, this is tough…… If we’re talking about my first impression of my colleagues here at first glance when everyone was so focused with their laptops, I almost thought this was like a coding company with a bunch of IT nerds.



If it weren’t for OOm, where would you probably be right now?

Probably doing events or pursuing dancing as a career. Events ‘cause I love managing and planning projects, dance ‘cause it’s been my passion since I was young!



If you could improve one thing about your role in OOm, what would it be?

Nothing! For real, I love my role! But if I could improve something about myself, it would definitely be better time management and learning to strike a balance in life.



What inspired you to pursue the career you have today?

To be honest I was just looking out for a full time job after graduation. I think I’m just really blessed to have found OOm and to have grown an interest in Digital Marketing!



What is one tip that you could tell to others pursuing the same career such as yourself?

Not just for mine but any career, you really got to do what you do! Find joy in what you do so that you can add value to your company, clients, and people around you.



Outside work, what do you enjoy doing at home?

I guess for now, cooking! Working from home has made me accustomed to whipping up my own lunch or dinner whenever possible–it’s healthier too!



If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

To lose weight?



What are your plans for the future once COVID-19 is no longer a threat?




What do you love about OOm?

My bosses.


Okay, but really, my bosses and just the peopleeeeeee! It’s an amazing environment for growth, and it’s just so fun here everyday (despite the stress).