Marketing In The Singapore Economy: How To Continuously Win Consumer Loyalty 

Brand disloyalty, also called brand switching, is the new normal for Singapore consumers. 


In a recent survey by Nielsen, it found that about 46% of those surveyed claim they’re more likely to try new brands than they were five years ago. It also estimated that while three in five or about 61% of Singapore consumers prefer to stick with their favourite brands, they also say they can be persuaded to try new things. 


This survey comes amidst the rise in the accessibility of a wider range of products and services online. As digital technology becomes more and more ingrained in our lives, it has become so easy to discover new products and experiment on new things. 


With this newfound consumer behaviour, businesses must embrace innovation and improve the way they deliver content to continuously tap on Singapore consumers. 


For you to achieve this, you must first understand what drives consumers to buy online so you know how to engage with them more effectively and eventually, win their loyalty. 



What Drives Consumers To Buy In The First Place?

1. Convenience

Singapore consumers, in a way, are pushed to shop online by the inconveniences of shopping in-stores, being in a crowd, and queuing in checkout lines. They say avoiding the crowd is their top motivator to shop online. 


2. Access To Exclusive Products

Another key driver for online shopping is access to products that are otherwise not available in local, physical stores thus, the consumers who are most likely to shop online are those who have limited access to products or certain goods. 


3. Value For Money

Competitive pricing was found to be the top reason for brand loyalty. As bargaining is becoming more commonplace, your pricing as a business should be competitive to consistently attract the consumers. 




How To Win The Singapore Consumers

As consumer behaviour continues to shift, businesses who understand the factors motivating them to shop online will be better positioned to drive sales and continuously tap on this evolving market. 


Here are some tips on how to win the Singapore consumers.


1. Deliver Consistent Content

Consumers expect consistent delivery of the content they consume thus, as a business, you have to make sure that you deliver consistent, high-quality content across all your networks. Although maintaining consistency in your blog, for instance, may seem difficult at first, it will really help you build consumer loyalty and eventually grow your audience. 


So, how can you actually deliver consistent content? 


✔ Know who you are writing for and publish content that is valuable to them. 


✔ Plan ahead and publish regularly. 


✔ Get help from an SEO company in Singapore.


2. Secure Their Personal Data

Privacy concerns are at the highest, with Singapore consumers becoming more concerned about their personal information being compromised online. So, with this heightened consciousness towards cybersecurity, it’s expected from you as a business to protect their information by being prepared to prevent potential cyberattacks. 


Otherwise, if your site has been breached and your customer data is stolen, you’ll have to face a negative impact on consumer loyalty and revenue.



3. Rethink Promotion

As mentioned above, value for money is a driving factor that influences consumers in their purchasing decisions. From discounts to bundle pricing, promotions are deemed to increase sales dramatically. But, over the years, they’re gradually losing effectiveness as consumers are faced with multiple flash sales and daily offers. 


What you can do, however, is to offer a more targeted promo on products that can actually drive sales.


4. Refresh Products

We can’t stress further how innovation matters in the digital market. It will help you stay relevant to your market and at the same time, build long-term loyalty. 


Although there’s no one-size-fits-all approach for innovating, there’s a generally accepted science behind it. More than anything, consumers want new products that are affordable, convenient, useful, healthy, and eco-friendly. 



Key Takeaways


Given the trend of brand disloyalty, not to mention the heightened competition, it’s now more important than ever for businesses to deliver the best possible online experiences to deliver the ever-evolving demands of Singapore consumers. In summary, this should include delivering consistent, high-quality content, increasing cybersecurity, offering promotion, and providing value-for-money products.


Today, one can’t deny the value of customer loyalty to the success of a business. It’s only through this loyalty that customers will trust you in a manner that they will become your brand ambassadors, encouraging their network to follow suit. 


You don’t have to do this alone. As a digital marketing agency in Singapore, we can help you win your customers’ loyalty in a platform where it can be difficult to stand out let alone be remembered. 


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