With the available tools you can use to determine user preferences, it’s quite ironic to learn that only a few companies are using these data to properly engage with their customers. Instead of letting your local SEO formulate strategies for simple user interactions, it’s better to come up with a more personalised technique to boost the interest of your audience.


In digital marketing, you have to give the users an experience that’s tailor fit for them to cultivate their loyalty to your brand. There are many alternatives and possibilities available to make your digital experience suitable for your target market. More than just converting your strategies to leads, creating a personalised experience gives more benefits such as increasing the users dwell time and click through rates.



Here are some tips to consider in formulating a new approach on digital marketing:


Know your people

The World Wide Web has a wide range of market – from all walks of life and from different cultures. If you want to connect to your audience, you have to get to know them. Initially, a business sets a target audience based on the products and services that they offer. But because of the diverse interest of online users, there is a tendency that you can also attract users from a totally different demographic. Using some social media management tools, you can obtain more specific information about the current visitors of your site and their preference. Through that, you can craft a personalised approach on your campaigns using the right platforms.


Users are not robots

Despite the current techy culture, always remember that you are dealing with people and not robots. Avoid using canned responses on any of your interaction with the user. It’s not always about having a quick response. Valuable context is more important. Creating real conversations and meaningful interactions is critical to the digital customer experience. Make your web contents more conversational rather than like presenting a research paper. Most especially, it will be easier to deliver your message across if you are talking the way your users talk.


Making your customers feel special

Communicating to the users the way you create hand-written letters can make the communication feel more personal. Even when crafting automated messages, it’s important to address them with the same tone. Say, for example, your target market are the millennials, make sure that the content of your blogs or website are speaking their language. In that way, you can create an intimacy between you and your customers.


It would also help if you will address them by their name. Are you familiar of the way call center agents talk to you over the phone? They use your name. It works on phone support and it also works on digital marketing. This is more beneficial for automated email responses. And it’s not just only on the greetings, you can mention their names on the body of the message as well.


Timing is everything

Understanding the human behavior toward every current event and season is a huge advantage in digital marketing. Categorising your customers based on their motivations and preferences is the key in conceptualising a personalised campaign. You can incorporate these data with your brand and on how you promote a specific product on a specific time.


For instance, your Chinese New Year campaign can start about a month early but it’s not going to be a full blast campaign. You can tingle with the curiosity of your audience by releasing campaign teasers each week. Through this, you are building the momentum and exciting them about your product at the same time.


Convenience is a must

If there’s one thing that is changed on users’ behavior during the digital age, it’s their preference on convenience. Everything has to be reachable through their fingertips and doable in just one click. If we reduce the customers’ efforts, it is likely to result a positive experience which can substantially increase conversion rates.


And since you are already in the process of personalising your approach, reducing the users’ level of effort will come second priority. If you will notice, some apps have already updated their registration process to make it easier for their users. Instead of signing up using an email and validating it via a link, users can now sign up using their Facebook account and no extra verification is needed.


Same goes with some landing pages. Some websites display a huge bar on the center of the page to easily inquire for any information. Say, for example, when booking for flights or getting quotations, those bars are readily accessible for the users. Easy peasy, right?


Think Small. Act Big

Truth to be told, the bigger the company, the more departments are in there. This makes it harder for customers to reach you. For example, when someone sent a private message on your company’s Facebook account asking for information, they will be referred to the proper department so someone can help them. Diminish the passing of your customers from one department to another so you can create a positive experience for them. Using a social management tool, you can assign cases and customer information to the proper department right away. You can do it by integrating the tool with your CRM so there’s no need to pass along a customer.


After all, we are all human

It needs more than just catching the interest of the users to top the search engine results pages and to ace search engine Optimization. The sudden fascination of people usually fades right away. You need to do more than just the current trends. Treating the users as human beings can make a difference in making them stay. Enhance your company’s efforts in creating digital marketing strategies. Make a dent, make it personal. After all, we are all human.

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