More than SEO: Build your online presence with these social media tools

The most effective digital marketing tool nowadays is undoubtedly the social media. Surely, your local SEO agency can boost your presence on search results pages to drive traffic and promote your brand. But, the social media has developed popularity across all types of target market with a relatively low investment on costs – compared to traditional digital marketing. From Facebook, Twitter, and up to Instagram, social media has indeed dominated the online world.


Through time, the competition in building your online presence using social media has become tight. Teamed up with the success of the digital world on mobile, it becomes difficult to generate leads and user engagement on social media. Same as search engine optimization, you need to have the best software solution for monitoring your social network platforms. Not to mention conceptualizing unique ideas for your content.


Good thing, though. There are different tools that can help in reaching your target audiences through paid and organic means. Each software and platform has different functions to help you manage and monitor your social media accounts. Make sure that your social media marketers are aware of these.


Social Media Management and Monitoring Tool


With the thriving success of social media, every company wants to know how much of their presence tickles the interest of the audience. But if they will not tag or mention your brand directly, how would you know you’re making a dent? Instead of regularly logging in to all social media websites, it’s better to use a platform that enables you to check them all at the same time. It’s called social media monitoring.


Here are some tools that is worthy to take a look at, or consider using.


Agora Pulse. From Facebook to LinkedIn, Agora Pulse can take over 90% of your social media management. They have free tools like Facebook page barometer, Twitter report card, and Facebook page contests such as quizzes and sweepstakes. Moreover, it displays each of your social activity and its corresponding ROI. With this, you can monitor the real value of each single content you create online.


Brand24. It’s not enough that you can reach the market, you also need to know what they have to say about you. Brand24 helps you monitor every conversation relevant to your business. This type of tool gives you an opportunity to perform necessary actions in real time based on what your audience perceives about you. It can build your social engagement and can minimize negative publicity.


AdEspresso. With AdEspresso, you can create a highly personalized audience using an up-to-date list of contacts. These emails are used by Facebook to match the emails used by people on the platform. You can also do this type of targeting option via Facebook but it usually requires a marketer to manually upload a list of emails to Facebook. With this tool, you can do marketing automation on your own. It’s basically a tool that helps you manage your Facebook ads.



Buffer. Managing your social media accounts include scheduling of posts, tracking the performance of your content, and, ideally, accessing all your accounts in one platform. Buffer can help you do all that. You can monitor all conversations and analyze your channel’s performance at the same time. With the help of this tool, you can drive traffic, increase your fan engagement, and save time in managing your social media accounts.


Salesforce Social Studio. Another alternative all-in-one social media management tool for businesses is called Salesforce Social Studio. Same as other social media monitoring platforms, it protects your brand by providing routing options and detailed analytics. From mentions to posting permissions, your social media management can be easier and reliable with Salesforce Social Studio.


Sprout Social. Popularly used by Dropbox, Soulcycle, and Vice, Sprout Social is one of the prime choices for enterprise-level social media solution. It integrates other channels for planning, organizing, and delivering your digital contents. More than that, it also gives you access to your content analytics.


Sprinklr. From management to business analytics, Sprinklr is a go-to platform to monitor your social media accounts. It helps increase your engagement by increasing collaboration and unifying your social activities. Also, it helps you create engaging contents by digging into key trends about your brand, industry, and consumers – both recent and past references.


Adobe Spark Post. The best way to attract your audience is through visual presentations. You can use Adobe Spark Post to create and design high quality social media images. This tool allows you to easily retouch and liven up your visual content. In this way, you can keep the engagement and enthusiasm of your audience on the hype.



Commun.it. Building a relationship between you and your followers is one of the most important things to keep your social media prowess. Commun.it makes sure that you do. It is designed to grow the number of your followers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. This tool can help you drive traffic by staying on top of all notifications and share content on all networks at the same time. At the same time, it’s also evaluating the importance of each user individually focusing more on social influencers.


Owlmetrics. It’s not yet live, but it will soon launch. Owlmetrics is an all-in-one Instagram analytics platform that you can use to improve your IG performance. On its dashboard, you can increase your followers’ engagement to grow your reach. It also offers features for you to analyze which content performs best.


Be More Social in 2018

In the current social media scene, everybody is doing almost everything. With the variety of content available online, it has become harder to stand out among the crowd. It’s a logical move to craft your marketing strategy using the right tools. This can help you generate enough social leads and turn your posts into profits.


With insightful analytics, engaging content and visuals, and timely monitoring, any brand can have a chance to win the audience’s awareness and loyalty. Talk to a team of professional strategists to keep your presence alive in the social media scene.