SEO Trends To Look Out For In 2020

With SEO, everything is fluid. Everything moves on a fast lane that requires you get up and catch up do you would not be left behind. What is effective today may not be effective tomorrow and what may be unthinkable today, may be your only choice in the future. When you are dealing with SEO every day, you must always, always try to be updated because new strategies and tools might just be the next big thing on digital marketing. Now, as we are nearing the end of the year with only a month to spare, we still have time to step back and identify the rising SEO trends that may still be relevant in 2020, as we have condensed from Ann Smarty’s article:



Mobile And Voice Search

Most search engine inquiries today are done on mobile and we did not even wonder why. With almost every one of us on a daily hustle, it is pretty easier to just whip out your mobile phone and tap in your inquiries instead of rushing to the nearest desktop and wait for it to open and load, unless it has already been opened all this time. Today in Singapore, mobile phones and smartphones are widely used by Singaporeans for browsing the net. Mobile phones are used by 95% of the population, and smartphones, 91%. With these big numbers, who would not think that mobile search is the next big thing? With this, if you are looking into optimising your page or website, you must now add mobile indexing to your campaigns. Make sure that while you are optimising your website, optimise it, too, according to how it would appear on mobile. If your page does not look good on mobile, you might lose rankings not only mobile but also on desktop search results.


As for voice search, apparently, half of the Singaporean smartphone users have already tried to do voice technologies offered by different phones and Google assistant tools. 28% use voice search at least a month while around 17% are using it weekly. 41% are even looking into using it in the future! So with this current standing of voice search, why wouldn’t you be starting with optimising your website for voice search? When optimising for voice search, you might as well start looking into long-tailed keywords now.



Semantic Search And Intent Optimization

Google algorithm just kept on changing and changing until it reached the utmost intelligence which you can see as you search for things online. Before, Google was a bit rigid with matching keywords with the search queries but today, it looks also on the query context and could already analyse search intent to deliver more relevant results for the users.


That’s for the users. How have SEO industries here in Singapore kept up? As we would want to boost our brands online, we should now look closely on semantic search and search intent. With semantic search, you get the correlations of every searched keyword that users use. This allows you to optimise your website by making it more relevant. Knowing the search intent also allows you to know how your users will behave and if you already knew how they behave, meeting them at the end of the line as they make queries would be more strategic.


If you want to know more about search intent, you might find this article helpful: Search Intent and Other Things You Need to Know About Your Audiences.



SERP Marketing And Content Diversification

Today, Google intends to already give everything it can to its users. As they say, Google aims not only to become a discovery project, but to already become the destination itself. It is now packed with knowledge graphs, quick answers, interactive and visual results and more, instead of the outdated one that only has a list of the webpages containing your query. With SERP marketing, you not only limit yourself with organic listings but you also explore other search elements and forms of media like images, videos, quick answer sections, infographics, and more! What we are aiming for this trend is to appear on Google’s featured search results.



Structured Data

Since this is where Google is headed, you might also want to look more into the data that you give to your audiences. Apparently, Google is geared on extracting more data and by adding support for structured data that will include an FAQ page, fact-check, and more. If you want to look closely into this you might as well try out tools, plugins, and solutions that allow you to implement this structured markup.


That’s just about a few of the SEO trends that might make it big in 2020. For sure, there are other strategies that you can explore which can boost your campaigns in 2020 SEO. With this, you can partner up with the experts by contacting SEO agencies in Singapore, like OOm.