Sprucing Up for the Holidays: Should you or Shouldn’t you?



It is November and we are excited for the string of holiday events coming in the next few weeks: weeks of joyous festivities like the Christmas, New Year and the Chinese New Year. But as a online marketer, should you implement holiday themes on your online presence such as your social media sites and even your webpage.


The answer is: Don’t be the Grinch, have some holiday spirit up your sleeve. It will make your presence festive and happy. Entwining the holiday spirit might not be a requirement on your home page but it is somewhat a great advantage if you have one. Social media accounts are likewise a great advantage too.


Remember the study wherein playing Christmas songs over a retail store had made the retail store have more sales than the usual? The holidays sets in a happy and almost childish feeling that we all once had as a kid in the Christmas time. More likely, your customers are too.


Think of the holidays as a unique selling proposition that you can give to your customers at that time. Most of the businesses are very active in this season and people are spending. Get along the happy train and have the jolly mood.


Some companies think of this time as a give back to their clients. Some launch giveaways and contests which the prizes are really huge while others launch their new products and campaigns so that they could be on top of mind when the people go shopping for their gifts.


As a marketer, you may have thoughts which pull you back. Like having additional work done like for the graphic arts department. But the spirit need not be that overly extravagant. You could have put a simple red ribbon around the logo and post it as a profile picture. Or have some of your products photoshopped into Santa Claus’ sleigh, or for a simpler one like a Christmas saying or a Christmas themed stock photo.


Be creative. Some campaigns integrate the famous Christmas songs into their materials like the 12 days of free prizes, or Prizes All the Way. Some have it in their respective cover photo and some have it in their posts to boost up engagement.


Probably the most popular and viral give backs are when the companies feature the videos of the people that they chose to help this season. Nothing goes viral than a heart warming story over a warm marshmallow chocolate cup.