Stir Creativity, Online.


People always likened the digital world to the real world, sometimes preferring one over the other.


In the real world, there is interaction and spaces and room for innovation for creativity. This is perhaps one of the problems of telecommuting as seen by some of the employers: The internet is not stirring enough creativity as opposed to creating something with your bare hands and socializing with people in the process.



People have tried putting in their creations online but some of the have harboured negative feedbacks from the experience such as some stealing their ideas, some commenting negatively about it and worst, being canned. Which is why some inventors and thinkers veer away from the traditional social media so as they say to preserve their identity which might be lost in the driven digital age.


But now that is inevitable. A computer and internet connection is deemed as a necessity. This poses a challenge to digital marketers as well to stand out in the competition and make people think.


Here are some of the ways you can stir the creativity:


1. Sites like user-generated content like 9gag and 4chan sites are the richest source of inspiration for some since some members vote up the really cool and captivating messages from the people. Apart from the memes, photos and videos, these sites also featured inspirational videos, cool art and amazing people whom which you might never encounter in your life but you will be deeply touched by the message that it has brought forth.


Read what you can and then if you found inspiration, move on. It is best to limit your time on the site so you can do progress in other things as well.


2. User submitted art sites like DeviantArt and Tumblr are the pure heaven for people seeking the beautiful images. It has different categories of art, each is suited for the palate of the artist or the art appreciator. You can get inspired by the random messages and meanings embedded in the artworks. It is like an online museum for which you might get affected emotionally and your brain might pick up something which will be a good inspiration for your next task.


3. Youtube is not only for the entertainment purposes but also for inspirational content as long as you know where your boundaries end. Great copywriters might get inspiration from quips in a standup comedy skit on Youtube or a riveting advertisement might be a great theme for your next advertising plan.


Creativity is essential in creating innovation, identity and being unique in this digital world. However, it has to be ruled by discipline so that things will not get out of hand.