The Best Online Courses In Singapore

The country is still under lockdown with the government urging citizens to stay at home and protect themselves in isolation. With so much spare time on our hands, what could we do to pass the boredom and hone our skills?


If you’re planning to spend your time on something productive, why not enrol in an online course?


Whether you want to learn how to cook or paint, now would be the perfect time to expand your knowledge by diving into online courses. Fortunately, there’s a variety of programmes that you can check out! Choose one out of the bunch that you might find useful or enjoyable.



Why Should You Enrol In An Online Course?

While the circuit breaker is still in effect, you should consider learning something new for the time being. All you need is a computer or a mobile phone with Internet access, and you’re all set! Enrolling in an online course will not only keep yourself busy for now, but you’ll gain valuable insight that you can use in the future.


Here are the top 5 online courses that will refresh your mind and introduce you to a whole new world.



Best Online Courses In Singapore


1. iPhone Photography


Payment: Free
Lessons: Phone Photography


Who says you need expensive camera gear to become a skilled photographer? Sure, using a Nikon Z6 or Fujifilm X-T30 is fun, but a simple iPhone can do the trick.


With the help of professional photographer Dale McManus, you’ll learn how to utilise your iPhone for taking quality images. Part of the course is optimising your iPhone’s camera and adjusting its settings. Once you understand the basics of phone photography, you can capture captivating images with no hassle!


2. Business to Culture Fashion


Payment: Free (Advanced Courses Require Payment)
Lessons: Fashion


In most modern workplaces, dressing up in fashionable clothing isn’t just a choice but a way of life. The fashion industry is always trying to soar to greater heights! If that’s the case, then perhaps you could learn a thing or two about fashion?


FutureLearn offers an online course titled Understanding Fashion: From Business to Culture that will help you understand the deeper contexts and intrigues of the fashion industry. In this programme, Professor Benjamin Simmenauer (from Institut Francais de la Mode) will give you insight into the impact of fashion on cultures and businesses worldwide.


The fashion-based programme is perfect for striving marketers and entrepreneurs who want to fit in a no-hassle working environment. Thanks to Professor Simmenauer and a few other exceptional fashion experts, you’ll learn how to dress and impress your clients and customers!


3. Digital Marketing


Payment: Free
Lessons: SEO And Social Media Marketing


If you want to learn more about search engine optimisation and social media marketing, visit Coursera to check its online course that tackles the fundamentals of digital marketing. The course will provide you with a richer understanding of the digital marketing industry! Join this course, and you could even apply your learnings in your marketing campaign.


Knowing the basics SEO and social media marketing is helpful for your business! With newfound knowledge of the marketing industry, you’ll discover new ways to improve your online presence and reach the right audience on social media.


4. How to Prevent the Next Pandemic?


Payment: Free (For An Added Certificate, Payment Costs Usd 49)
Lessons: Understanding The Ebola Epidemic


From 2013 to 2016, Western Africa suffered from one of history’s most tragic epidemics due to the spread of the Ebola virus. While the Ebola virus isn’t as menacing as it was back then, the world is experiencing a much more dangerous threat today: COVID-19.


By discussing the causes, symptoms, and cases of Ebola, you can take precautionary measures to keep yourself safe from COVID-19. Take a look at Lessons from Ebola: Preventing the Next Pandemic, a course that will provide you with critical data about the history, causes, symptoms, and treatment regarding Ebola.


5. Practise Watercolour Painting


Payment: 4 Classes = SGD 350, 8 Classes = SGD 650
Lessons: Watercolour Painting


With the help of Lucinda Law, a botanical artist, you can learn how to improve your watercolour painting skills⁠—with a twist. Instead of a typical art class, Lucinda Law’s painting workshop focuses on botany art, a subject that studies medicinal plants and illustrations. Enrol in her online course to join a community of fun-loving artists!




Check out each of these courses to see which one captures your amusement! After all, it’s always a good time to learn something new. Hopefully, these online courses will give you a fun and engaging experience despite the pandemic that continues to plague the streets.


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