The Perils of Lack of Onsite Care

We all have that habit that if there’s nothing bad happening, we won’t check on it. Unfortunately, that’s also the reason why bad things happen eventually.


Activity on the website itself is almost as important as the activities that happen outside of it. In fact, there have been a myriad of proven cases out there through the years that demonstrate the effects of the lack of maintenance on onsite elements.


Like those really cool documentaries with theoretical situations on YouTube, let’s imagine if these onsite elements were all left stagnant for long periods of time.


Meta Tagging

Whenever you start a blog or a site, there will be that very first moment where you get really obsessive and compulsive about writing really cool and unique title tags and descriptions for each page. Which is great, but after a few years, all your competitors change with the times and maximize the use of space that’s provided to them.


There are still a lot of websites out there with title tags as short as one word. You can go around Google and check it out for yourselves. The lucky ones that actually get to rank high are those that are actually tenured sites with traffic that never died down through the years.


However, if you’re a business that wants to thrive in today’s online marketing plane, you need to evolve.


There’s also the case of websites still using Meta Keywords. Remember those things? Back in the day, these were one of the essential items you need in order to get indexed on a certain theme or rank better. But today, simple browser tools like SEO Quake and Screaming Frog can just scope those things. Your competitors can spy on you and target your keywords.


Any business out there that still use these are sitting ducks.



There are elements on your Onsite SEO that are more dynamic. One of them are the keywords. I say that because of the fact that their worth on Google changes over time.


Whenever you pick keywords on Google Keyword planner the search volume data there is the current average for that time. But the most important aspect to remember here is that the overall search volume changes over time. It all depends on the current trend.


You can try and experiment.


Pick a keyword like for example, Flower Shop.


Then check the search volume during Valentine Season then check it again on normal months. You can see a surge of traffic and search on these types of keywords because it all depends on the season they are in demand in.


It can also happen on any keyword. Any type of keyword out there that loses popularity or goes out of trend will have lover search volume. Therefore you need to keep in touch with the trends. You might be gunning for search terms that aren’t known anymore.



Whenever people build sites, they are always into creating the best content there is and placing it in their baby website. That’s cool and all, but unfortunately, there are cases where the update of content stops once the site is complete.


Blog and News sections on websites are meant to be updated with new content. There have been cases where websites will add a blog section and a few blog articles and stop thinking that they don’t need to worry about anything anymore since they “already have content”.


Content needs to be updated. Constantly. No matter what industry you’re in. This leads us to…


Activity and Updates

Once you’ve stopped updating content, which is the most basic type of activity you can give your website, Google will also stop noticing you. And this is the biggest problem of a lot of websites today. Business men panicking over Google updates and focusing on them instead of actually taking care of the onsite elements.


Don’t stop when you’ve reached your goals. Protect it, guard it and don’t let anything stand in your way.