The term “content is king” has been around so long that it should be on shirts and caps now. It’s been in existence for so long in fact, that it might even surpass humanity even after the sun swallows our planet just a few thousand years from now.


But just like Adam, this anthropomorphized term will naturally need its own queen. All Kings need their Queen. But what could be considered as content’s butter? The Robin to the Bat Man? The Rey of the Ben Solo? Today, we’ll check out the different would be Queens and answer this question.


The reason why content has always been considered as the king of all things holy in our SEO community is mainly because of how Google focuses on it.


If we are to continue that humanizing thing we like doing, if content is king, Google can be… his Mom or something.


In a lot of ways, SEO can be considered as its queen. In every relationship out there that actually works, a good partnership usually requires a kind of dynamic that is unique only to the two of them.



Ladies First: SEO

I’m not really sure if anyone has expressed the hidden beauty of SEO. When performed correctly, it can go past any sort of update Google releases. And if something went wrong for a bit, you can keep testing and re-learn things. SEO is an endless expansion of discovery. Hence you can keep developing strategies, build them up, test it, break it apart and develop strategies that’s better than the one before it.


The day SEO’s stop developing, studying and re-developing strategies can be the literal death of real SEO.

But, like all things in life, SEO will only perform at its very best when partnered with Content. On its own, it can only do so much.


To give you an example, imagine getting all the best sets of keywords, incorporating them on titles and descriptions, product and menu names etc. but not having the bulk of the content within those pages. Imagine getting links on all of the best sites out there, but whenever new traffic travels all towards your site, and they find nothing.


User experience would suck a lot besides the fact that you may also get pushed down the rankings or worse, be penalized with having zero content. We shouldn’t take the fact that Google wants to serve searchers the most relevant and informative content for granted.



King Content

That’s why content is and always has been considered that important. Anything you do out there on the web, fancy website designs and all of that is useless if you don’t have the right amount of content that you can serve people with.


The thing here is that without SEO, your content won’t get that far also. Like a good partner, SEO can sing that Aladdin line to Content’s ears:



Cringe puns aside, that’s what SEO can literally do for content. Creating fun, exciting, relevant and informative content is one thing. But making sure that a lot more people can find it is another thing. With content’s queen, SEO can make sure that content is spread far past what the intended audience is. All of that is achieved through various means. We’re not talking about black hat here okay, we’re talking about non shady onsite, technical SEO and proper link building. Yes, you should be able to reach your target audience, but why stop there? More traffic more sales.


This is the unique dynamic that SEO and Content has. Helping each other and actually making sure that one is performing at its very best as the other. This is the reason why you keep getting repetitive reminders from SEO’s everywhere telling you to either edit or add more content to your website like adding most of it for a blog section for example. It’s not because they’re upselling a content optimization package to you, it’s because it’s common sense these days that you will need optimized content to survive your time in the search results.


There are special cases out there that some sites are performing well while not having content or SEO. But that’s mainly because they’re user oriented and there’s always traffic.


But normal websites like yours needs content AND SEO. It’s the way of the world. It’s how things are balanced and makes things flow in harmony. One aspect cannot survive without the other.


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