Top Eyelash Extension Studios In Singapore

Long, luscious, and perfectly curled eyelashes are some of a woman’s most distinctive assets! However, not everyone is born with perfect eyelashes. That’s why some women are jealous of others born with such a gift.


If you’re one of those women, don’t worry—get your eyelashes extended and curled instead. Anyone can get an eyelash extension, even men! Luckily for you, beauty salons and studios in Singapore offer a wide range of eyelash extension services. The question is: which one should you choose?


Here are some of the best eyelash extension studios in Singapore!



1. Flutters


Services: Lash and nail services

Website: https://flutters.com.sg

Location: 6A Shenton Way, #03-17 OUE Downtown Gallery 2, Singapore


Visit a beauty salon that screams vintage and old-fashioned! Here at Flutters, you can undergo volume and individual eyelash extensions to achieve a look that’s just for you. They also offer nail services if you feel like adding a bit of glitz and glamour on your fingernails!


Flutters began as a dream from three lovely ladies who wanted to promote Asian-style beauty through eyelash and nail services. Nowadays, the reputable beauty salon has been featured in numerous magazines and articles. Check out their gallery to see proof of their expertise!


2. Browhaus


Services: Eyebrows, lashes, and lip services

Website: https://www.browhaus.com

Location: Various locations


Browhaus is an international beauty salon with stores located in Singapore, Thailand, New York, and the Philippines. Their credibility is convincing enough for you to trust their talents! Besides eyebrow and lash extensions, they offer a plasma lift treatment to tighten your skin around the eye area.


With a reputation that’s known for servicing thousands of people every day worldwide, it’s safe to say that you can’t go wrong with Browhaus. Know more about their signature treatments, Brow Resurrection and Eye Define, and discover why Browhaus is one of the best salons in the industry!


3. Dreamlash


Services: Eyelash extensions and fillers

Website: https://www.dreamlash.com.sg

Location: Various locations


Can’t get enough of Korean culture? Jump on the hype train and attain a style of beauty that’s reminiscent of modern-day Korea! With the help of Dreamlash, you can undergo a classic eyelash extension for that old-fashion appearance. There’s a variety of lengths, curls, and thickness that you can choose to suit your facial features.


Dreamlash is an eyelash extension studio that utilises safe and efficient techniques from Korea. Since all eyelashes are unique,  Dreamlash caters to customers with a wide range of services to fit their taste and preferences. Visit Dreamlash if you’re looking for the safest and most versatile eyelash extension services in Singapore!


4. Private Room


Services: Eyebrows, lashes, nails, and body waxing

Website: https://www.privateroom.com.sg

Location: 10 Anson Road, #03-14 International Plaza


While there are many beauty salons in the country, not all of them are available 24/7. It’s a common problem for customers who want to get their nails and eyelashes done, but most parlours are often occupied for the entire weekend! Fortunately, Private Room is aware of the issue, so they make sure that they always have time for their clients.


The atmosphere at Private Room is unlike any other. There’s a vibe that encapsulates the cosiness of a clinic, without shying away from its beauty salon roots. Not to mention, Private Room offers parties if you’re interested in hosting a celebration with your friends!


5. Devonshire – Eye Design


Services: Eyelash extension and hair services

Website: http://www.devonshire.info

Location: 60 Tras Street #02-01 / 113 Devonshire Road


For the best natural-looking eyelashes in Singapore, visit Devonshire, an authentic Japanese studio that promises to deliver excellent eyelash extensions and hair alterations. Devonshire boasts an eyelash extension studio which utilises Japanese techniques to achieve a natural appearance.


While you’re there, consider getting your hair fixed as well! Devonshire has a studio dedicated to styling hair for men and women in the most versatile ways possible. Their staff consists of experienced stylists who’ve been serving customers in Japan for years. With trained veterans at the helm, you can trust Devonshire to satisfy your expectations!



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