Tricks or Treats: Remarkable Halloween Campaigns

Highlight: The challenge of creating a digital marketing campaign for the Halloween season in Singapore has become less difficult thanks to the scariest trends that can be found on the Internet. With your capability to view different Halloween campaigns, it’s easier to get inspiration for creating the next trick-or-treat strategy for the next Halloween.


Once again, it’s time for trick or treating. This 2019, the Halloween season is becoming more taunting, with enough excitement and creativity at the right time, making it a perfect opportunity for marketers to showcase their products and services using different Halloween gimmick to catch people’s attention.


To help you get inspired this Halloween, let’s look at some of the best Halloween campaigns.



Burger King Trolls McDonald’s With Creepy Clowns

Beating records is what Burger King aims to achieve every year by taunting McDonald’s with wicked trolls.
This year, Burger King’s Halloween campaign gained recognition thanks to their indigenous idea of trolling McDonald’s iconic clown mascot, also Burger King offered free whopper burger to the first 500 people who dressed as a clown.



Burger King: #ScaryClownNight – https://youtu.be/2ni3jN_DH20



Lush Cosmetics: Halloween Collection

Again, Lush Cosmetics continue to bewitch this year as it released their Halloween collection that will not only put a scare to share but also soothe to soften and frightening snare.



RRL: https://uk.lush.com/article/halloween-2019-treats-will-do-trick



Lunar Beauty

For this year’s Halloween Season, Lunar Beauty is calling all witches to enjoy their newest collection, “Moon Spell”, a collection of classic throwbacks of the 90s that showcase different makeup designs to create a new and charming look.



RRL: https://www.lifestyleasia.com/sg/beauty-grooming/beauty-news-30-sept/



Dior ‘Haute Couture’

Never be fooled with Dior’s Halloween Campaigns. This year, they announced how to create a glamorous look using their #DiorMakeUpHalloween; the brand showcases that it’s not impossible to create a dark and mysterious look. Also, Dior’s teamed up with the supermodel Bella Hadid for a remarkable video commercial.




Heart and Stroke Foundation: #TheUndeading

Old but gold, this video features a woman trying to save lives in the midst of chaos while being haunted by an army of zombies. This Halloween Campaign by the Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation aims to send a spooktacular approach by delivering the importance of learning CPR.



RRL: https://youtu.be/ApmPQDAzYyM



Kylie Cosmetics: Halloween Special Edition Cosmetics

Bite in style with Kylie’s Halloween special edition cosmetic that showcases different shades of lipstick that will turn beauty upside down with mattifying matte and glittery metallic.


RRL: https://www.richardmagazine.com/kylie-cosmetics-halloween-makeup/



M&Ms – Ghosted (2018)

Never thought candy could be scary? Here’s M&Ms Halloween marketing that is a deadly sin to miss out on. The video shows Yellow and Red being excited as they escape from a Halloween party without being eaten… or they thought so as Yellow becomes a ghost. To see is to believe, so check this video for you to enjoy scarily.



RRL: https://youtu.be/c1_jPveBfxg




Bumble has a lot to say since it’s Halloween by delivering an anti-ghosting campaign. For two years in a row, in the name of Halloween, Bumble once again would like to let anyone know that ghosting is extremely hurtful, whether it’s the ghoster or the ghosted.



RRL: https://www.bustle.com/p/bumble-has-re-launched-its-anti-ghosting-campaign-in-time-for-halloween-2019-19272199



Lyft And Stranger Things Offer Paranormal Rides

Getting a Lyft will never be the same again. With the recent release of Stranger Things, they have partnered with Lyft for this Halloween campaign by creating a “Strange Mode”. This serves as a message for the booking passengers to experience the creepiest trip of their lives.


RRL: https://youtu.be/1vycaHQgYOs



Skittles Zombies

Skittles serves a treat with their candies and chocolates that never tasted like anything before. This Skittles Zombie has a different flavour, which triggers people to try the five-rotting, tasty Halloween themed flavour. On the other hand, Skittles proves that this digital marketing trick can trigger the minds of humans to try and challenge anyone to eat this terrifyingly weird taste.



RRL: https://thetakeout.com/review-zombie-skittles-flavor-taste-test-1837998870



Skoda Goes Scary

Trick or treat isn’t only for kids, with Skoda going scary as they prove to wake every adult’s “inner child ”. This video commercial shows a boy carving a face on an orange pumpkin, as a few years later, his adult version is shown to be carving again, this time a face into the Skoda hood cover.



RRL: https://youtu.be/QpVFniVJukA



LG ‘So Real It’s Scary’

Another old but gold digital marketing strategy for Halloween campaign, this video shows LG uses their IPS monitor as they replace the elevator’s flooring. A few seconds after entering the elevator, the unsuspected passengers thought the flooring is falling beneath their feet. This video displays how plausible and realistically scary their LED can screens can be.



RRL: https://youtu.be/NeXMxuNNlE8


Every year, Halloween campaigns are one of the most awaited digital marketing trends that netizens all over the world are waiting. These are the terrifyingly remarkable Halloween tricks you might get inspiration from for your business.


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