User Behavior and how it affects SEO (Part 1)

May 24 2019

User Behavior and how it affects SEO (Part 1)

Written by Aj Aviado

It should not come as a surprise that Google uses the behavior of the people in order to arrange, collect and display search results. Most of the time, when websites do fail on ranking online, it is mostly because of website owners ignoring this fact.


All that creepy data collecting Google does also has a good side. It usually collects patterns of behavior that they use in order to arrange all of the search results that they will serve the people. These are the main factors that influence organic search rankings. Essentially, for you to be able to rule the realm of the organic search results, you need to directly understand what your target audience is after. You will need to know what they want and what they are looking for.


The most basic way you can achieve this is that you first address the main parts of your site that both search crawlers and people are looking for –Content.


Neil Patel said it himself, “optimizing your content is the best approach to collecting and making use of user behavior data to improve your search engine rankings.”


Before we get into the nitty-gritty of all the search engine optimization parts, let’s take a step back and explore how the people behave online.


Everything has patterns that, when you look closely, can give you additional edge in anything, including of course, business.


Highly popular restaurants got to where they are because they’ve developed dishes that their target audience is really after. It’s natural human behavior to follow patterns and go back to, like in this example, food that they like. This isn’t that different from animals we can observe in nature.


To bait fish, we use worms and basically food they can smell through the water. Sharks (which are technically giant fish) are basically lured to be tagged for observations using blood and fish parts. Professionals that do this understand that sharks smell blood on the water. Using this information, they can lure them in to successfully give them trackers or check their health.


Patterns in behavior are easy to understand. You really don’t need to watch too many Sherlock episodes to get a hang of it. Think about your friends or loved ones, think about the things they like. All their favorite activities or food. If for example you had a business, that is directly addressing all their favorite things, you already have a small gist of all of this.


It is generally the nature of business to attract people. Businesses run because of its consumers. Giving close attention on how they behave and their buying patterns online is something that all businesses with websites will need to understand.


When it comes to website optimization and digital marketing, making sure that a website has all of the essential parts that will give a visitor positive experience would be you, using all of this to your business’ advantage.


User experience greatly contributes to this style of optimization. To affect the behavior of these people, you will need to give them some sort of reward first. Or again, bait them. Give them what they’re looking for and you already have them under your control.

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