Vine: What Can You Do in 6 Seconds

Photo by harry Harris


The newest social media is by far the trendiest nowadays. And digital marketers aren’t to be left behind the “shortie vids” phenomena. The Vine is a social media composed of 6 second clip posts, almost similar to Twitter, which owns it, in terms of brevity. It is the fastest growing video sharing service even competing with the big names like Youtube. But the shortness of the message comes of as an advantage to the new player. It helps produce short but meaningful messages.


The nearest thing that can be compared to the Vine is the pics in .gif format. Looping and catches the attention of the reader in a brief second. But the Vine is more high definition since it uses video format and it is larger in size.


So what is with Vine and why should you, as a marketer, join this seemingly uninteresting social network? Surely, you are going to love this app.


1. It is Brief and easy to digest

Imagine that you are the reader of the clip. Watching the short video only takes six seconds of your time which is why you are most likely to watch it. More so, if the clip is easy to digest as in the whole theme is laid out carefully like if it was an instructional clip or it is a promo or coupon clip, people would get it better and you would reach your message in that brief span of time.


The 6 second video is very short but it is an essential feature to keep the people watching the videos and keep them from skipping videos. So as a marketer, make your message clear.


2. It is Relatively Easy to Create

A 6 second video might be very meticulous to create for some but it is still six seconds. People don’t need too many actors or special effects to their post. They just need to be clear and send the message across. You could use your handy dandy cell phone or DSLR camera or even the point and shoot ones or even your webcam. You could be as raw or as edited as you want. That is your unique signature.


3. It is Brandable

The account is brandable. People who will follow your brand will be happily updated with your latest clips and be entwined with your latest offerings and promos. You can own your channel similar to other video sharing sites and you can share your brand identity across the Vine.


4. It seems like an advertisement

The Vine comes off as something we can brand and some companies see it as opportunity to get creative and advertise in that brief six seconds. No follower is going to protest against the 6 second advertisements of the brands they like. Dunkin Donuts famously used their Vine post as their advertisement on the television.


5. It is Shareable

The most important thing in the social society is virality which expands ones reach. Reach is important in brands to target sectors that they haven’t targeted before and explore opportunities with them. When you create a very viral Vine, it will be very much accessible in the social networks and will come as an advantage when looking for clients.