Web Hosting: A Complete Guide To Finding The One For Your Business

You need three things to have a website: a domain name, web hosting, and a website.


A web hosting service is the foundation in which a website is built. Regardless whether you’re a multinational company or a local business, you’ll need web hosting of some kind to publish your business website online and make it accessible on the Internet.



What’s Web Hosting? 

In essence, the term “web host” refers to a company that rents out its servers—which are essentially computers that store your website and provide Internet connectivity so global users can access the files on your website every time they visit.


More often than not, a web host does more than merely storing your website. They also offer a range of value-added services and features, some of which are the following:


  • Domain Registration – A domain is the exclusive name of your website and often, you can buy a domain name (www.yourwebsite.com) from a web hosting provider.
  • Website Building Tools – They also often provide the tools you’ll need to create a website (e.g. drag-and-drop web editing tools).
  • Email Accounts – Besides the domain name, the web host can also provide domain email accounts (e.g. yourname@yourwebsite.com)
  • Basic Technical and CMS Support (e.g. WordPress) – A content managing system (CMS) like WordPress is a convenient way to manage a website.



Why Do You Need A Web Host? 

These features make web hosting the foundation for any successful website—and while it’s physically possible to host your site on your own server, doing so would tantamount to great costs and headaches.


Hosting a website yourself requires investing on a server, which alone is already expensive—not to mention the fact that it requires a constantly-running power supply, power backups, a static IP address, and regular hardware maintenance.


Because you’re reading this blog, it’s safe to assume that you lack the superior technical know-how needed to set up and maintain server hence, we strongly advise you to invest in a hosting service instead.



Most Recommended Hosts By Category 

Now that the reasons why you need a web host are established, we proceed to determine which host is ideal for you. Here, it’s crucial to note that there are at least three main web hosting categories to choose from: shared, dedicated, and VPS hosting.


In the succeeding post, we’ll breakdown these main hosting categories, along with some of the most recommended hosts in each.


  • Shared Hosting: As the name suggests, shared hosting means housing your website on a server shared by other sites. It’s the most affordable option to date making it practical for small business owners and personal sites. It typically offers a free domain name, and unlimited storage, bandwidth, and email accounts.



Top Shared Hosting Providers: 

1. A2 Hosting


  • cPanel & CentOS with Developer-Friendly Toolset
  • Unlimited Space and Bandwidth
  • Starts from $3.92


2. InterServer.net


  • Free Website Migration & $1.99 Domain Name
  • Unlimited Space and Bandwidth
  • Starts from $5


3. Hostinger 


  • Free Domain Name on Unlimited Plans
  • 10GB-30GB Space and 102.4GB-Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Starts from $0.80


  • Dedicated Hosting: This type of service, on the other hand, is generally recommended for sites that are expecting more than 100,000 monthly visitors and needed so much storage and RAM that they require a dedicated server. It can go anywhere from $80-$2,000 per month.



Top Dedicated Hosting Providers 

1. BlueHost 


  • 50O GB Disk Space and 5TB Bandwidth
  • Free Domain Name for 1-Year Plan
  • Starts at $79.99 per month


2. HostGator 


  • 1TB Disk Space and Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 4 Core Processor
  • Starts at $119 per month


3. SiteGround 


  • 480 GB Storage Space and 10GB Bandwidth
  • 4 Cores, 3.2GHz Processor
  • Starts at $269 per month


  • VPS Hosting: VPS hosting falls somehow between dedicated and shared hosting services. In this type of service, your site is renting from multiple virtual servers that host several sites. However, what sets this service apart is that it usually charges by the hour, with rates ranging from $15 to $50 per month.


Top VPS Hosting Provider 

1. NameCheap 


  • 40 GB Storage, 1000GB Bandwidth and 2GB RAM
  • Configurable VPS Products
  • Starts at $11.74


2. InMotion Hosting


  • 4GB RAM, 75GB Storage, 4T Bandwidth, 3 Dedicated IPs
  • Free cPanel Licence and Backups
  • Starts at $27.99 per month


3. Hostwinds 


  • Starts at a low-end plan with 1GB RAM, 1 CPU Core, 30GB Disk Space, and 1TB Traffic
  • Impressive Configuration Options
  • Starts at $9.89 per month



While shared, dedicated, and VPS are three primary hosting categories, there are many other subsets under them. In the same manner, nearly all of these providers offer more than one type of services providing more options for you.


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