What does the Customer Think of My Product? Two Questions You Need to Address



If there is a magic formula of knowing what your customers think of your product or need from you, there is none; all you need is to listen.


Knowing your customers is not an exact science, it is more intuitive so as a marketer you have to concentrate on both what the data is telling you and what the customers are telling you; an equal balance of qualitative and quantitative kind of conclusion and recommendations.


As for this article, we are going to throw your some questions typically in a customer’s mind when it comes to buying your products or service, so you could assess on what ground you can stand in and what would be you main selling point with your audience. The trick here is to get into your customer’s mind so that you get to understand them and then learn from it so you could apply it on your marketing.


Here are the top two questions customers often ask themselves:


Why would I choose this seller over the others?


As a buyer, you would want to know the pros and cons of choosing one seller over the other. Some buyers would like to research first before even talking to a sales representative.


As a buyer, you want good things for every cent of your hard earned money, so you have to pick out the best. Reviews online helps a lot when deciding, but most of the people who review online are oftentimes not satisfied with a service and habitually forget to review if they are happy with the service. So it is good to encourage you existing clients to give you a good review for a small reward or even offer discounts for every referral they make. In this way, people looking for reviews of your services will be convinced to give you a call.


Note that most buyers avoid calling sales people and giving off their information in fear of being nagged by sales people in purchasing their product. Win your customer’s heart by being a great product that everyone raves about, online or offline.


Do I need this product?


Here’s the thing, most buyers do not know what they really need. Most of them are looking for the popular trends and checking on it. But you should capitalize on the fad and make their heads turn by heightening their interest.


Highlight your pitch. Make it something they need and they should have.


If you’re selling a sales software, highlight the assets and the ease of use that comes along with it, also include the great data and charts that you can pull from it.