What your brand can do with Facebook Timeline?

With the launch of facebook timeline, brands would need to relook into their Facebook marketing strategies for promoting their brands online. Facebook has implemented many new features on the timeline, of which, if used correctly, could be beneficial for your brand. Today, we shall explore the various features available which you could utilize to engage your customers better.


Cover Photo

As the cover photos spans across the top of your brand’s Facebook page, it is no doubt the first thing that people will look at when they land on your profile. First impression always counts. A good first impression would lead to people wanting to stay on your Facebook page longer, and take action. Hence, it is important for the cover photo to capture the culture and the essence of your brand and/or your product.


Profile Picture

It would be ideal to place your company’s brand logo as the profile picture. This portion sits nicely by the cover photo, and having your logo is essential as it defines your brand. It showcases the brand behind the vibrant culture and/or the awesome product as depicted by the cover photo.


Photos, Videos, Applications

Next, your viewers will have the option to view photos, views and applications that you have. Brands can leverage on using applications to showcase their product catalogues. Your customers can simply browse your product offerings easily from your Facebook page, instead of being redirect to your website to find the products/services your offer.



Do take a look at Lexus official Facebook page above. Lexus use their cover photo to showcase their latest product, while their profile picture displays their brand logo. Their page also features applications which showcase a catalogue of their new products where they will find all the information on the various car models they want to look at.


Setting Milestones

Being able to set milestones is another awesome feature of the Facebook Timeline which is a great for brands. You can now share the story of your brand with your audiences, by marking out important milestones in your company’s journey. They could be a groundbreaking event such as the establishment of your company, and product launches. This lets your customers know more about your brand, by learning about the history of your brand, and discovering how your brand has evolved to what it has become today.


Highlighting posts

By clicking on the star button at the top right hand corner of your post, you will be able to highlight the post. By highlighting the post, it signifies that it is an important post which you want it to be featured, and get greater attention from your audiences. The highlighted post will span across your Facebook page, so it appears bigger and more prominent to people at a glance.


See how redbull use Facebook’s highlighting tool to feature a skateboarder who landed a 1080 stunt for the first time ever recorded in history. It is a remarkable feat performed by a mere 12-year old kid, and it is worth the attention of everyone!



Engage your Audience with quality content

Of course, you need to frequently update and maintain your Facebook pages with interesting content that would attract interaction between you and your audience. Brands need to constantly update their status, to update its customers on what is going on with the company, what promotions and interesting events are going to be held. People will help to share and spread the news if there are interesting discounts and events, increasing your viewer reach.


Otherwise, brands can also run contests to get people to discuss about a topic or share photos and videos. This engages your audience to be active on your Facebook page, and allow you to interact with them with comments.


Recently, Katy Perry has launched her new single, “Wide Awake” which features the use of Facebook timeline to engage her fans. Do enjoy the video and hopefully pick up tips from it.