Where’s the ROI in Social Media?


Every business needs results to measure one’s effectiveness in implementing the changes formulas and all the necessary workings that keep the company running. Nowadays, with the social media popularity, businesses are still in doubt on whether to invest in a thing they are quite unsure of. Some onlookers say that social media is just a passing fancy or a trend for now, not suitable in the long run.


Heraclitus once said that you can never cross the same river twice, which is also applicable in this said situation. Once you get your feet into social media marketing, it helps you make the transition into another form of media or marketing, better. There is only one permanent thing and that is change, if you go against the technology whirlwind, perhaps your business might suffer especially when the technology offers convenience, knowledge and freebies.


Based on a Forbes article, 49% of CMO’s have not yet quantified the effect of social media on their company and its performance. Based also in the same article, 66% of the heads and boards of the companies are pressuring them to get ROI measurements with social media. There are many available metrics being offered by companies to help get valuable statistics, both quantitative and qualitative in terms of social media to the companies.


One way of measuring the social media success in business if by planning a clear strategy in attacking the social media platform. Being present is just the tip of the iceberg; you have to integrate it in order to put it up with the sales and company performance. An example is having Facebook-only campaigns which is to be used in stores. Some restaurants are having promotions on their Facebook timeline, which is to be said by the customer who goes to their restaurant in the next day, the crew takes note of each customer.


Online shops, on the other hand, has easier means of tracking the effectiveness of their social media campaigns by using a Google Analytics code to help them see where the customers’ clicks are coming from.


It is essential to track the social media goals before hopping into the social media trend. The goals are very much similar to the marketing goals which you use in traditional media like brand awareness, reach and sales proposition. Come to think of it, the effect of social media as a advertising channel is much more quantifiable than the traditional media.