White Hat SEO for Beginners

Starting to build a business is not very easy, there will be ups and downs, time will be of high importance, and you need some business partners to be on the right track. But before you start earning such revenue, you will need to think and create your business plan, get funding to be able to build your product, along with many other essentials of the business.


To start earning the projected revenue of your business, you will need the best marketing plan that will give you the way to reach out to your target market. Integrating Search Engine Optimization in your business is one good strategy, especially if you have an online platform in which you sell your products, and then Search Engine Optimization is right for your business. It will also help you gain higher level of visibility and you will be able to see the rapid increase on the traffic of your website.


White Hat SEO is basically, the Jedi side of Search engine optimization. This refers to actions taken to optimize a website’s performance in accordance with the preferred practices by search engines. (Google, Yahoo etc.) This type of SEO provides search engines with clear and accurate view and understanding of what your website is all about. All while properly (and correctly) improving the website’s visibility in search by increasing its relevance, popularity and usefulness.


Today, the only correct way to go about this is to focus your website on maximizing its ability to share information. Simply put, the only way to do correct SEO (white hat) is to not think about SEO. Focus on what your targeted audience will need from you. And give it a hundred and ten percent. Don’t look for easy ways to serve information online, cheats and temporary actions. Do this, and your business will have better return of investment.


But what’s the best way to do this for a startup? Your SEO methods should be as white hat as possible, rather than looking into the world of black hat tactics that usually create instant but damaging results. If you are in the progress of applying an Search Engine Optimization plan for your business, be sure that you might want to consider these tips:


Create and On-Page SEO to be the main frame of your strategy

Most starting companies are on their own when starting their online platform or online community, but that would be a bad idea. You should be able to determine the needs of your website and seek the help of those who are experts in the field. Without a solid basis of technical knowledge such as SEO, all your efforts of creating these platforms are useless.


Be sure that your websites can be accessed and be indexed by search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and other major search engines. You should give it a good design and technique to make it easy to navigate. The goal of these steps is to get ranks for your pages, so you can push Search Engine Results Pages higher and be able to compete with your competitors.


As the main frame of the technical SEO, you will be able to grow the other aspects of your strategy.


Use Social Media to Build Awareness

Nowadays, Social Media is very powerful in which some online marketers use this as an avenue of promoting their products. For example, Facebook’s strategy is to track the activities of the users then after deliberating their interests, they will frequently add advertisements that are related to your interests. Even though it is powerful, some of them do not use this as an avenue to generate revenue. Instead, you can use it to encourage online conversation, which will increase your brand awareness and follow through with the natural creation of links. This is because as people share your content they’ll also link back to your website.


Before you publish your websites, you should think and create the best strategy on your social media because it is critical for the business especially to users because once the users find your website hard to navigate, they will not bother to push through in browsing your website.


Ease of Navigation

Search engines measure the usefulness of the websites, and you should always consider the ease in browsing your website. It is very important that you concentrate on this matter. Some Web developers and SEO specialist should be able to guarantee the high useful and high amount of traffic to your websites; your content must be easy to access. One good rule is that no information should be more than three clicks away.


If the navigation to your sites is poor, it can easily decrease the number of visitors in your website and the proportion of users who enters your site will immediately leave without visiting a second page, as well as harm a firm’s link building and PR strategy. Furthermore, poor navigation can lead crawlers to prioritize non-essential websites in search rankings.


Site Performance

Another technique to measure search engines is to consider site and page performance. As competing SEO professionals are continuously working to improve the search visibility of their respective sites, a month, a week, or even a day of non-performing pages can have a dramatic negative effect on a firm’s SEO. Just like poor navigation, non-performing pages can decrease site traffic, harm an organization’s ability to execute a solid link building strategy, increase its bounce rate, and generate negative PR.


Implement a Strong Content Marketing Plan

Content marketing is one of the oldest tricks in the SEO book, but it’s not the same as it used to be. Google’s rules regarding content have changed a lot since the old days, so you’ll need to focus on creating useful, informative content. Create content that people will find interesting, and which is more likely to be shared over social media.


Your content marketing plan doesn’t only have to include written content either. You could also create infographics and videos that will pique the interest of more than a few bloggers you approach.


Give Your Site Good Content

Make sure that every single page on your site has meaningful content on it. Each page should contain the relevant keywords you’re aiming to target, along with a user-friendly layout.


People spend less than a minute on a site before clicking off, which means your content needs to be top notch. There’s no time for waffle and filler, you need to get straight to the point.


Any SEO strategy for a startup needs to focus on white hat techniques that will help to grow your business online. By mapping out your strategy as early on as possible, you can get the jump on other startups that only get to grips with SEO once they’ve been around for a few months.