Why Do you Need an SEO Company?

Starting a business can be tough. Many aspiring entrepreneurs are dreaming to become successful in their chosen industry. But because of the stiff competition in the global market nowadays, many small businesses with supposed good products and services are overshadowed by marketing strategies and techniques of large businesses.


Marketing practices have evolved because of the emergence of digital innovations and practices.  Because of this, the birth of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has emerged. SEO has done a great deal for businesses to establish an online presence all around the World Wide Web. Many businesses are adopting this kind of marketing strategy to reach out to their target consumers and increase brand awareness. However, SEO can get tricky. Businesses must have a sound knowledge of the best SEO practices in order to effectively harvest their advantageous benefits.  Or else, their name might get completely banned from leading Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. For this sole reason, it is essential for businesses to seek the help of digital marketing experts like SEO companies. They provide extensive research and various strategies to help businesses increase traffic on their websites.


Pitfalls of Bad SEO practices

Businesses getting banned from SERPs can greatly affect their transactions and processes. Potential clients and investors are likely to decrease because of the bad reputation it incurred on the internet. Also, since most people are using the internet nowadays, businesses who are banned from SERPs can lose opportunities of reaching out to a large audience.


Businesses who jumped right into SEO practice without knowing the trends can most likely make mistakes which can bring their business down. Bad SEO or also known as “black hat SEO” practices such as cloaking links and hidden texts and links can get their names wiped out from Google search engines. Cloaking links are the practice of using dummy links to make it look more appealing to the users. Once a user clicks on a cloaked link, it transports him to another website which is not related to the original content that was displayed on the link that he clicked. Meanwhile, hidden texts and links is an SEO technique which hides a text or a keyword by inserting it to the codes used in creating the content of the website.  These black hat SEO practices are useful in SERP rankings, however, once Google detects these devious SEO techniques, say goodbye to digital marketing. It might take years before the ban is lifted from a particular business who tried using black hat SEO techniques.


To prevent such incidents, SEO companies are established to help out businesses with their digital marketing strategies. SEO companies use “white hat SEO” which strictly follows the rules and policies of search engines in order for a particular business to achieve high rankings in leading SERPs. Since Google has over 200 different categories and standards in choosing the most trusted and reliable websites all over the internet, it is difficult to achieve a high rank. Google is very strict with its rules and policies because, like any other business, they want users to trust their services so that there are more people who would be willing to use their services, and at the same time, attract potential investors. It just so happens that they are one of the most formidable search engines on the internet, thus SEO companies make sure to study Google’s rules and policies on search engine rankings.


Here are some of the SEO tactics which SEO companies are practicing to help businesses achieve a strong online presence:



There are unique products and services which a particular business is offering to their target consumers. SEO companies will make a thorough research of finding out what are the most relevant keywords related to the business’ products and services. This will happen through countless meetings with their clients in order to understand what their business is all about, and through studying the trends and rankings of the chosen keywords in the current market.


The chosen keywords will be used in various SEO techniques such as Link Building and Website Optimization. In Link Building, SEO companies will help businesses increase their online presence by submitting guest posts to blogs and including their links to social media sites.



Creating a website might be one of the most effective marketing strategies to help businesses introduce their brand to a large audience. However, without SEO, it would be difficult for a business to reach out to their target audience. SEO companies will help businesses optimise their website by improving the user experience and reduce bounce rates. User experience can be improved by enhancing the look and navigation of the website. Also, SEO companies will optimise the website by the inserting of relevant keywords and phrases all over the website, and ensuring that they look natural on the description section. Users will quickly close off a tab if they visited a website which has unappealing content and poor navigation. This results in higher bounce rates which are often the reason for ranking low in SERPs.


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