Why Offering Something for the Holidays is Essential for your Brand?


Get your holiday spirit on when there is a holiday. Not only is a holiday a means for you to greet your customers, amp up the excitement when you actually help them celebrate it by offering something beneficial to them.


Not is it only necessary to give them good cheers but also offer something in return for their loyalty or some companies invest in a pay it forward scheme and help other people instead as a corporate social responsibility with the help of their customers.


So now are you thinking of ways to celebrate the festive season with you customers? Well We have found some of the ways by which you could be creative in spreading the holiday cheers.


1. Offer Discounts on Loyal Customers or Bulk Sales Discounts.

This is the usual things companies offer their loyal customers. Some do it on Black Friday or on Boxing Day but you don’t have to go with the flow and instead set your own schedule. You could give them a heads up through e-mail as the “Exclusive Sale”. This may be useful for companies clearing out their stocks for next season but it will also boost morale and interest amongst your clients.


You might get creative and stir up some promos having to do with “bring a friend” or a referral when buying an item. It helps you acquire a new client without having to publicize the sale too well.


2. Community Building Projects

Another creative idea is to promote and show on the social media networks community helping projects that will benefit the community and show your brand that you care. Some companies are donating sums of their Christmas money to typhoon victims (like Haiyan’s for example) while some do soup kitchens and do habitat for humanity kind of efforts.


Some companies invite their customers if they would like to join them, but the priorities are for their watchers in the digital media to be engaged and see them as a loving brand.


3. Warm and Genuine Ad Campaign

Apart from the frilly lights and the parties associated with Christmas, it would be a good thing also to have a warm and real campaign for a brand which will eventually turn viral. Such as sharing food, or hard earned money with someone who is deserving. Some brands have even recorded their actual gift giving encounters to capture the pure spirit of happiness.


4.  A Give-Back Campaign

This is similar to the community building projects but instead of using money, the company gives off their items for charitable causes. Some companies say that for one pair of sneakers you buy, a pair will be given to the kids who need them or for a pair of your old sneakers, we’re slashing 30% off the regular priced new sneakers.


Some companies also use this campaign to promote eco-friendliness by returning bottles for a coupon.