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Jun 05 2012

Why u should go Social when marketing?

Written by Shu Neng

When advertising on facebook, it is important to tap on your fan’s word-of-mouth to help you spread your messages. It is important to tap into your fan’s social circle, as they are most likely people who are within the same demographic groups and/or share the same interest.


For example, when you are looking out for a place to throw a party, would you trust reviews from what you read on the restaurant’s website or reviews from your friends? Most people would choose the later, as they would trust the taste of the people within their own social groups, who share the similar taste and view about things. Also, your friends would know what you would like, and hence make good recommendations that would be beneficial to you.



When people come across a something that would invoke their emotions in anyway, they would have a high tendency of sharing it with people in their social group. This triggers a series of chain reaction, where you see your friend “Like” something, you see it as acceptable, and will have a higher tendency to click on the links, and if it pleases you, you will be likely to continue sharing it too. This series of event continues, and it will soon have a viral effect as your ad is being spread around. Trust is being established on your advertisement friends, families and close acquaintances as your advertisement is being shared. Hence, tapping on this form of advertising to your audience is highly effective and powerful.



Start incorporating social sharing factor in your next ad campaign today! Think about how you can come out with engaging and creative marketing campaigns that would be able to reach out beyond your fans alone! Remember to set the right trigger, and you will be sure to see your advertising campaign go viral!

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